Two boys buried alive in KwaDukuza
09 Jul 2020 | From Arrive Alive
IPSS Medical Rescues search and rescue division, together with SAPS search and rescue, are currently on scene in the Kwadukuza area, where two children have been buried alive. It is believed that the children were helping a man dig for building sand; the man left with a load of sand and when he returned,
Taxi collision in Mayfair
09 Jul 2020 | From Arrive Alive
Emer-G-Med responded to reports of a taxi collision in Mayfair. Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision. Local authorities were on the scene for investigations.
Multiple-vehicle collision leaves several injured in George
09 Jul 2020 | From Arrive Alive
Several people were left injured this morning following a multiple-vehicle collision on the N2 outside of George in the Western Cape. ER24 paramedics, along with several other services, arrived on the scene at 10h15 and found several vehicles parked along the road. Medics assessed the patients
Motorbike/ Motorcycle Safety and the Young Rider
On the Arrive Alive website we have shared several pages of content to raise awareness of Motorcycle/ Motorbike Safety. Having...
Road Rage
Defining Road Rage Road rage is referred to as “incidents of angry and aggressive driving”. It is defined...
An Overview of Road Safety Issues Globally in South Africa and in The Western Cape
The Global Traffic Injury Pandemic in South Africa South Africa road traffic injury mortality 34:100,000 pa. 17,000+...
Safety and Safe Driving in Areas of Public Violence
Introduction South Africans have in recent months experienced many traffic delays, disruptions and at times total road...
Safe Driving in Strong Winds
Introduction A rather small part of road crashes can be blamed on environmental factors. Driver error and the inability...
Scholar Patrol - Conditions of Use
5. CONDITIONS OF USE FOR SCHOLAR PATROLS 5.1 A scholar patrol may only operate at a registered crossing. 5.2 Should...
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