Man killed during lightning storm in Sasolburg
19 Nov 2018 | From Arrive Alive
A man was killed during a lightning storm in Sasolburg this afternoon. Shortly after 4pm, paramedics from ER24 arrived on the scene where they found the man in a room on the premises. Bystanders explained that they were working outside when it started to rain. They apparently tried to seek cover in
Motorist and wife seriously injured in Prospecton accident
19 Nov 2018 | From Arrive Alive
An Alpha Alarms member along with other passersby rushed to the aid of a motorist who was critically injured along with his wife after a heavy-duty truck rammed into the vehicle on Prospecton Road in Isipingo on Saturday. The Alpha Alarms member was passing by when he noticed several people milling
Seven njured in overturned taxi accident in Waterloo
19 Nov 2018 | From Arrive Alive
Seven occupants of a Toyota Hiace taxi were injured after the vehicle overturned on Crocodile Road in Waterloo - Verulam. Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were called out to the scene by the public requesting assistance for the injured. Upon arrival the taxi was found lying on its roof. Seven
Truck Hijackings, Crime and Road Safety
Introduction: Truck Hijackings: Investigation and Analysis In recent years we have become aware of an increase in road...
Road Safety Advice for foreigners driving in South Africa
Overview /Background information South Africa has much to offer for international tourists and more and more is done to...
I–Pledge and Road Safety in South Africa
Imperial has during 2011 launched the I-Pledge Campaign in an effort to reduce road deaths and enhance road safety in South...
Epilepsy and Safety
What is epilepsy? “Epilepsy is a chronic, neurological disorder that causes interference with your brain’s...
Recommendations from the African Road Safety Conference The African Road Safety Conference was held in Accra, Ghana from...
Digital Mapping and Road Safety
Introduction Digital mapping services have emerged as one of the most powerful growth areas in information technology. "I...
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