The vision of the developers is not only to assist motorists on advice pertaining to their vehicle, planning their trip and basic safety hints, but also to assist them in the search for alternative travel options available. South Africa has over the past few years developed into a much sought after tourist destination and are visited daily by thousands of tourists. Many of these people prefer to arrange for their own transport and it is envisaged that this page will be developed shortly to satisfy these needs.

Under alternative transport the developers will focus on the following headings:

  • Bus services
  • Airlines
  • Car rental

The development of these pages in co-operation with the businesses that provide these travel options, will further enhance road safety as it will provide tourists and travelers with quality vehicles and peace of mind. It is the opinion of the developers that the professional service delivery of these private businesses and the transport provided will not only add to our vision of road safety but also add further stimulus to an expanding tourism industry.

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