Arrive Alive Online Report 2011

Arrive Alive Online Report 2011

Introduction / Background to the Arrive Alive Website

At the start of the year we need to reflect on our online road safety initiatives during 2011.
This is done not only with the aim of providing feedback to our road safety partners, but also towards improving and defining strategies for 2012. The Arrive Alive website was launched on the 13th of March 2003 with the objective to provide the best possible information portal for Road Safety in South Africa. As new technology has become available,  so have our efforts increased to use these technological advances in the efforts to create awareness of road safety and facilitate greater interaction between the public and road safety experts, groups and authorities.
The Arrive Alive Website and related Road Safety Initiatives Overview 2011 will provide a detailed overview of:
  • the progress made in 2011
  • initiatives undertaken to improve road safety awareness
  • mediums used to share information
  • target audience and wider audience reached
  • public interaction facilitated
  • making this possible
  • how to get involved
Highlights in 2011:
The Arrive Alive website was an important portal for the safe travel of many tourists- and this was recognized when the Directorate: Government Communication and Information System approached us with a request to use information from the website for the official COP17 website.
Links were also added to the Arrive Alive Road Safety website from the COP17 website.
It was a highlight to meet the Transport Minister at the Stakeholders Meeting for the I-Pledge Campaign. 
The Arrive Alive Online initiative has become so much more than just a website. We also had the pleasure of delivering road safety addresses during 2011 to a wide audience – from Senior Managers at Eskom about road rage and aggressive driving, to students at a hostel during RAG about drunk driving platforms, but also to fund all this initiatives and provide additional exposure to our road safety partners.
Additional to the usual media releases and news reports, it remains important to continue with the development of new pages of content. This is most often inspired through the interaction with other road safety experts as well as members from the public in need of specific information. 
New content pages developed and added during 2011 included:
  • Guide to Bus Passenger Safety
  • Ruler and Bookmark Project
  • Toll Tariffs and Discounts for Gauteng Highways
  • Road Safety and Flood Risks for Drivers and Pedestrians 
  • Vehicle and Insurance Telematics
  • Changing Shock Absorbers
  • Different levels of emergency personnel
  • Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 - 2020
  • FleetConnect and Road Safety
  • Vehicle Telematics, Accident Investigation and Fleet Management
  • Cycle4Life! Learner in Traffic Project
  • Eqstra and Accident Management
  • Stopping Distances for Trucks and Road Safety
  • Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety
  • Traffic Calming, Speed Calming and Road Safety
  • Road Safety and Avoiding Windscreen Damage
  • I–Pledge and Road Safety in South Africa

We also shared important information from others such as:

  • 2009 Road Crash Report
  • Crime Report 2010/2011 and Road Safety
  • Consumer impact of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Program
  • Toll Tariffs 15 March 2011

Herewith find an overview of the website and road safety exposure provided: 
Google Analytics 
The best tool to analyse traffic flow and visitor numbers is the technology offered through Google Analytics. We would like to share the website traffic as measured by Google Analytics from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011.
Arrive Alive Road Safety Website at
328,677 Visits
265,643 people visited this site
265,643 Unique Visitors
629,018 Page views
Road Safety Blog at
131,087 Visits
110,221 people visited this site
213,194 Page views
Accidents Blog at
78,731 Visits
60,845 people visited this site
60,845 Unique Visitors
140,292 Page views


Media releases and news stories have also been included during 2011 on the mobile road safety website at
K53 Mobile Application
- The Arrive Alive website partnered with the developers of a K53 Mobile Application to create awareness and enable learner drivers to test their knowledge from their cellular phones.

Social Media and Campaigns

To reach a much wider audience for road safety it is important to reach those who are active in the social media environment. Not only is this important to share sections of content and road safety links, but also to share info about the road safety initiatives by our road safety partners.
The is active on our own platforms on both Facebook and Twitter 
Twitter: Tweets 3,993   Followers 2,223  @_ArriveAlive
We are also administrators on 2 larger platforms, allowing us to share new content and media releases with a much wider audience:
Proudly South Africa:  Facebook Fans 35,731
Rugby15: Facebook Fans 15,087    Twitter Followers: 10,040
Arrive and Additional Media Exposure
It is important that we reach a far wider audience than those with access to the internet. The Arrive Alive online road safety initiatives are also aimed at journalists, reporters, researchers and teachers who are able to gather the road safety information and distribute to a wider audience.
We would like to focus on some of these other media that distributed the road safety information from the Arrive Alive website and recognized this. We have assisted these platforms in providing info, answering requests for information etc.
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine [Drive It]
  • Glamour Magazine
  • Assistance to Weg/ Wegsleep Magazine
  • Traffic Focus Magazines
  • Mommies Parenting Journal
  • Cleo Magazine
  • Safe Travel Magazine
  • Playboy Magazine Drunk Drive Feature
  • Assistance to Huisgenoot on Child Restraints
  • Fleet Magazine
  • Child Magazine
  • South African Pharmacy Journal
  • Women's Health
  • SA Journal of Child Health
  • Psychological Society of South Africa: PsyTalk
  • Rapport
  • Volksblad
  • Zola Urban News 
  • Beeld
  • Weekend Argus
  • Ladybrand News
  • Permission has been requested and granted for several PSA's for the Vuka Awards which appeared on DSTV
  • CNBCAfrica
  • Carte Blanche  -"Teen Drinkers"
Education is one of the most important “E’s” required to address driver behaviour. During the past year the Arrive Alive online initiative closely cooperated with a few initiatives to share information with scholars.
Education for scholars - annual ruler project - road safety
Gauteng Community for Safety and Cycle 4 Life  / Learner in Traffic Cycling Project
Guidance to schools on safe scholar patrol
Text Books:
  • "Achieve English First Additional Language Grade 10 Learner Book" Title of publication: "Minibus taxis and road safety"
  • Title: Spot on Tourism Grade 10  Article: 'Rules of the road'
  • Gauteng Department of Education Maths Literacy Grade 12
Radio Interview
The Arrive Alive website has been approached by several radio stations for interviews and road safety updates, especially during Easter and the December festive season. We have referred many of these to spokespersons at the Department of Transport and the RTMC, or have taken part in interviews radio stations such as:
  • Talk Radio 702/Cape Talk 567
  • Assistance to MFM 92.6
  • RSG several interviews with Amore Bekker on “Tjailatyd”
Company Newsletter /Circulars
The Arrive Alive website has been approached by many corporates with a request for information to be used in their own internal road safety campaigns. This has been included on the intranet of companies and in company newsletters. These companies and forums include:
  • Government Employees Medical Scheme [GEMS] Newsletter
  • Newsletter of South African Insurance Crime Bureau
  • CrisisOnCall Newsletter
  • Eqstra Newsletter
  • Medscheme quarterly newsletter to members
  • KZN: Ezempilo Health Matters
  • Cape Metrorail Blits
  • Discovery Newsletters
Other Websites
An important benefit of an online information portal is the ability to share the website via other websites and blogs. The information from the Arrive Alive website or links to the website has been included on many prominent websites including:
  • Government Website at
  • Health24 from News24
  • The New Age
  • BizCommunity
  • Daily Maverick
  • Mail &Guardian
  • Western Cape government's Safely Home Website
  • TheJogBlog
  • Assistance to South
  • COP17 climate change website
  • My
Intermediary and Consulting Services
To be not only an effective information portal, but also a mechanism for greater public involvement, we have developed sections to enhance greater public interaction. An often overlooked, yet very important objective is to assist the public in gaining clarity on road safety matters and provide responses to queries raised via the Arrive Alive website.
  • Assistance to Tourism Safety Initiative
  • Project Arrive Alive - Intervarsity 2011
  • Life Rosepark Hospital and Shell Ultra City Pitstop Road Safety Project
  • Presentation to students at the Central University of Technology


International Assistance:
The reach of the Arrive Alive online initiative is not restricted to the borders of South Africa. During 2011 assistance was requested from several international visitors and information shared with them, including the following:
  • Hendersonville Police Department: Request to use Best Photos at an Accident Scene 
  • Assistance to American Embassy
  • Permission to use images in the book: "The Adult's Health", Romania
  • Assistance to Mexican Chapter of the World Health Organization
  • Assistance to Public Education Officer MVA Fund Service Centre Namibia 
  • Trucking company requesting guidance in Kenya 
  • Posters to appear in the exhibition "Alcohol around the world" promoted by Addiction Services of the North West Health area of Florence 
The Arrive Alive website has been a media partner to several Road Safety Conferences
  •  Intelligence Strategies for Law Enforcers 
  • 3rd Annual Road Safety Summit 2011
  • 7th Annual Road Safety Africa Summit 2011
  • Road Safety Conference 2011
  • ILCAD International Level Crossing Publication
Interaction with the Public
Herewith find a detailed summary of how public interaction was facilitated during 2011:

“Contact Us” on

  • Thousands of e-mails have been received via the “Contact Us” section - these have been responded to and forwarded to the Department of Transport, Road Traffic Management Corporation and various road safety experts for further comment.
  • These emails are kept in various email folders for later reference.
  • Emails received and Responded to from the Arrive website:
  • Arrive Alive email 2011 Folder: 6764
  • Arrive Alive 2011 Folder: 2215
Blog Comments on the Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog
  • Visitors to the Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog as well as Accidents Blog are able to comment on blog posts and also request clarification or answers to specific questions.
  • These questions have been answered on the Blog and where appropriate a Blog post has been added to provide additional details to these responses and enable other visitors to benefit from these responses.


Ask the Experts Section
  • A section was created called “Ask the Experts” to provide specialised knowledge to members of the public on technical questions.
  • Questions are referred to experts in the fields of licensing, testing, enforcement, road freight, legislation, safe driving etc and the answers are added to the website
The requests that could benefit many other visitors as well are also shared on the Blogs in a “Did you Know” format.
The Wall of Remembrance on the website has been developed to support and give recognition to the Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and compliment the efforts by Government and NGO’s to enhance awareness of road safety!
48 entries by families of road accident victims at 31 December 2011
Reports made via the Arrive Alive website to the National Traffic Call Centre at the RTMC
2421 Reports of Bad Driving & Road Condition Reports
News stories shared on the Arrive Alive Website during 2010
516 From Arrive
493 Road Safety in the Media
301 Road Safety Highlights
241 Dept. of Transport
Partnerships and Collaboration 
It has become more important to cooperate and collaborate in other initiatives as well. In a tough financial environment where NGO’s and small business struggle it has become vital for the survival of this road safety initiative to develop new platforms and to assist others with expertise and consulting services.
The hours of hard work and dedication that goes into these efforts are most often not fully understood and appreciated, and we would like to provide an overview to summarize the effort which has gone into these collaborations during 2011.
Road Safety Blogs
Road Safety Blog at
From launch to 1 January 2012
Blogs posts written: 1890
Comments 616
Road Safety and Arrive Alive Blog at
From launch to 1 January 2012
Blog posts written 1608
Comments 1204
Accidents Blog at
From launch to 1 January 2012
Blog posts written 1022
Comments 207


Partnering with
In the 2010 Online Review we revealed that we will partner in the development of an online initiative to create awareness of safety in the mining industry. This was inspired by past cooperation with and assistance to mining companies in their own road safety campaigns.
It was our vision to share both content and expertise gained during the past few years as online safety consultant. We also expressed our belief that the Arrive Alive website can make a significant contribution to not only safety on our roads -but also to the safety in the Mining Industry!
We are pleased to confirm that this has culminated in the launch of the website at on the 1st of February. 
Today we can reflect on both hard work and many successes in this partnership. The Mining Safety website has been able to provide content for inclusion in an international publication, and has also been a media partner to a Conference on Mining Ventilation at the end of 2011.
Challenges in Creating Road Safety Awareness Online
We should not only provide information on the successes achieved, but also reflect on the challenges during 2011 and recognize those who have assisted in making road safety awareness possible.
Things you might not know:
  • The development team consists of 1 full time and 2 “part time” members.
  • The Website received a Letter of Endorsement from The Department of Transport in 2007
  • The Arrive Alive website and online initiatives are not funded by the Department of Transport or the Road Traffic Management Corporation
  • NO Funding was received in 2011 from the Department of Transport or the RTMC
- There is no marketing budget for these online road safety initiatives.
Road Safety Partners:
To create road safety awareness via the Arrive Alive website and other media we approached companies to partner in these efforts. From our side we provide exposure and recognition to these partners and their road safety involvement on the website and blogs.
Arrive Alive:
OUTsurance / TomTom/ ER24/ PG Glass – Shatterprufe/ Gabriel/
Ctrack/ TracN4/ Lucozade/ Imperial –I-Pledge / Eqstra / 
SA Roadlink / SA Speedbumps / PSA/  MCubed/ 
Insurance Blogs:
OUTsurance / MiWay/ Pay As You Drive
Mining Safety:
ER24/ Komatsu / HSE/ iFatigue / Booyco Electronics/ SA Speedbumps
We would also like to recognize individuals and groups that made important contributions:
  • Chillies and Nelio for allowing us to operate from the Chillies offices in Bloemfontein.
  • Charl Wilson for website development
  • Pierre Steenkamp for graphics and multimedia
  • Internext for webhosting
  • All the experts – with a special word of appreciation to Howard Dembovsky, Kevin Kara-Vala, Alta Swanepoel, Isaiah Mamabolo and Gavin Hoole for the numerous times they have assisted the public.
  • Those individuals from the Department of Transport and the RTMC who were willing to answermany questions and providing feedback to the public
  • Journalists, reporters, media editors, webmasters and everyone who assisted in the wider distribution of road safety information from the Website and Blogs
  • Individuals from SANRAL and the RAF for feedback provided to questions from the Public.
  • Family, friends and everyone who have been positive and provided words of inspiration.
How can I get involved?
We will continue to commit ourselves to these road safety efforts. There is so much more we can achieve with the participation of both corporate South Africa and individuals. We recognize that 
there are much expertise and knowledge to be gathered in strengthening these efforts.
We would like to invite others to become part of the road safety initiatives. This could include:

- Becoming an Arrive Alive Website partner
We will discuss with such partner how such partnering contribution can be used to develop new sections of content. The partner will be provided with exposure of such a partnership by way of:
  • Exposure to logos
  • Sections of Content
  • Horizontal and other banners/ graphics
Blog Posts and media exposure on the road safety initiatives and corporate social responsibility initiatives of the Partner
- Advisor and Consulting Services
Every person can contribute to road safety irrespective of age, gender or financial status. We would like to invite the public to contribute by sending advice and recommendations on how to achieve greater road safety in South Africa.
We welcome any suggestions on new content or additional means of creating awareness that should be pursued.
We would like to invite visitors to contact us with suggestions at
Contact details:
Adv Johan Jonck
Cell: +27 (82) 370 0991


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