Guronsan® C Drowsy Driver Quiz

Test your knowledge about drowsy driving :


Write your answers down on a piece of paper next to each number.

1. Going 18 to 24 hours without sleep is similar to being legally drunk when it comes to driver impairment. 1a

2. Drowsy driving only happens at night. 1b

3. Only old people fall asleep at the wheel. 1d

4. Blasting your aircon or opening your window does a lot to counteract drowsiness. 1f

5. A companion can help during long road trips1h by staying awake and talking to the driver. 1i

6. Pulling over and having a long nap is the most effective way to restore alertness on the road. 1i

7. Missing exits or traffic signs1k could be a sign that it’s time to pull over. 1j

8. Feeling restless or irritable1l could be signs that it’s time to pull over. 1j

9. It’s best not to eat while on the road. 1m

10. Common medications can trigger drowsiness. 1n

Check your results and add up your score:

1. True. 1a

2. False. Most fatigue-crashes occur between 4-6 am, but drowsy driving is not restricted to wee hours. 1c

3. False. More than half of fatigue-related crashes are caused by drivers younger than 25. 1c

4. False. Blasting your aircon or opening the window does little to counteract drowsiness. 1f Think of how well people sleep on cold winter nights. In fact, keeping your room cool is a commonly given tip for better sleep. 1g

5. True. 1h,1i

6. False. Pulling over at a safe place and having a short nap is the most effective way to restore alertness on the road. 1i Set your watch or phone to wake you up in 15-20 minutes. Longer naps can increase grogginess and disorientation. 1p

7. True. 1j,1k

8. True. 1j,1l

9. False. 1m,1n Depriving yourself of food is not the answer. During long road trips, you can maintain a steady energy supply by eating a healthy snack every two hours. 1n

10. True. 1n If the bottle lists drowsiness as a side effect, it’s best not to get behind the wheel. 1o

Results for your score:

When it comes to undersanding the dangers and seriousness of drowsy driving and recognising the warning signs you are:

9-10. Wide awake and ready to say Let’s Go on Holiday and Arrive Alive!

7-8. Awake and ready to go, but need to do a fi nal check to make sure you are totally up to speed.

6-7. Not drowsy but not wide awake either. Brush up on your drowsy driver knowledge to make sure you are ready for your holiday drive.

4-5. Your knowledge is groggy. Please review the quiz and aim for a higher score to ensure that when you are ready to say Let’s Go on Holiday, that you Arrive Alive!

1-3. You are in the dangerous drowsy driver zone! Read the safety messages on the Arrive Alive website and retake the quiz before you go on holiday!.


1. Coping with excessive sleepiness. Slideshow: Fighting Fatigue and Sleepiness On the Road. Brunilda Nazario, MD. 17 February 2010 WebMD.

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