Imperial I-Pledge Scholar Patrol Rollout 215 Schools

The 200th school milestone has been reached and passed, well done team!!!
We have interacted with just over 138 000 children about road safety and painted 8.6 kilometers of zebra crossings.
We also celebrated Mandela Day by donating 4 sets of soccer goals along with balls to 4 different schools in association with radio station 702.
For this we received some press and the eternal thanks and appreciation of the schools.
Along with the donation of the soccer equipment we also did the scholar patrol roadshow, so we gave the community a gift as well.
I am happy to report that we have had no traffic incidents at the schools where we have implemented the project.
Communities reached
We have reached 164 communities so far with the project, our latest communities are:
1. Lenasia
2. Meadowlands
3. Orlando West
4. Emmarentia
5. Tshawela
As part of our monitoring we assess the state of the donated equipment and are happy to report that to date we have only had to replace 4 lollipops.
The zebra crossings however have had to be repainted in the high traffic zones, so far we have repainted 26 zebra crossings, these were from the very first schools we did almost a year ago.
We have also had 3 signs that were stolen. These signs have been replaced and put into the school grounds, when questioned the community members blamed the new drug Whoonga, this is a lethal cocktail of Heroin, rat poison and ARV’s, it is highly addictive and leads to complete lawlessness. this is becoming a huge problem amongst the township communities.
Active Education has provided equipment for 215 schools, we have refurbished and painted 241 zebra crossings.
School Names and number of pupils seen
The placing of the signs has gone very smoothly, with the remaining signs been earmarked for high visibility areas.
We have placed 203 signs, the final signs will be placed during the September school holidays.
Number of Schools in SOWETO: 158
Number of Schools in Orange Farm: 16
Number of Schools in Rustenburg: 1
Number of Schools in Sandton: 2
Number of schools in Johannesburg city: 3
Number of Schools in Umtata: 2
Number of Schools on East Rand: 3
Number of Schools in Pretoria: 2
Number of Schools in Lenasia: 21
Number of Schools in Mpumalanga: 5
Number of Schools in West Rand: 2
TOTAL number of Children participating in
Road Safety Roadshow so far

138 887

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