Matrix Road Safety Association

Road safety is a top priority for Matrix Vehicle Tracking. The fact that all our customers are vehicle owners and are potentially affected by dangerous situations on the road has led to the establishment of the Matrix Road Safety Association.

The Matrix Road Safety Association (MRSA) actively provides consumers with information on road collisions via the media, whilst providing an informative, online training service detailing the cause, prevention and other general safety information pertaining to road accidents.

A critical benefit of the Matrix Road Safety Association is the fully-equipped medical emergency vehicle that patrols the roads of Gauteng, with a paramedic on board who provides onsite medical care.

Please use this site to empower yourself and/or your loved ones with life-saving road safety information.

All South Africans have a duty to ensure that their actions on our roads do not impact negatively on the lives of others.

The Matrix Road Safety Association empowers road users with life-saving information and creates awareness about being responsible when behind the wheel.

Daily information on serious road collisions, as well as detailed safety-related training material, will regularly be uploaded on the Matrix website:

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