Presentation at Transport Forum

Public private partnerships are an important requirement to make roads safer. Road safety authorities globally recognize that the private sector can through self-regulation make a significant contribution to safety.

By educating employees on safety and regulating and monitoring the behaviour of not only employees but also sub-contractors and transport operators the roads are made safer for all road users!

At a recent Sasol Transport Engagement Forum the Arrive Alive Website was offered the opportunity to share some insights on road safety as we approach the Festive Season 2014/ 2015.

We decided to focus on more than just the usual safety messages and to focus on some unique challenges to road users in South Africa. The impact of crime is an important consideration - one which further necessitates the need for defensive driving behaviour. It is our vision that the sharing of information may lead to informed decision making and increased safety on our roads.

It is our privilege to share some of the slides from this presentation.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view our Presentation at Transport Forum


Are you alert enough?

Video captures aerial view of Pinetown crash

You may download the PowerPoint presentation below

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