Ctrack Logistics Barometer gauges logistics industry performance

Ctrack Logistics Barometer gauges logistics industry performance

Leading vehicle tracking and telematics provider, Ctrack, has joined forces with economists.co.za to create the Ctrack Logistics Barometer, an economic indicator and performance gauge of the South African logistics and supply chain industries. 

An industry first, the monthly Ctrack Logistics Barometer is an accurate co-incident indicator of the state of the South African economy, particularly in terms of the goods economy. 

The Ctrack Logistics Barometer should help logistics and supply chain players and relevant trade media to better understand the factors that impact logistics volumes. 

Creating the Ctrack Logistics Barometer was a natural step for Ctrack, which provides several industry solutions to the government (local authorities, municipalities and public transport operators); airports; the transport and logistics industry; the mining and yellow equipment sector; the Agri industry; small businesses and consumers. Furthermore, it provides camera surveillance and mobile asset tracking and fixed plant monitoring solutions.

The company takes a focused approach to its solution offerings and provides lifecycle insights to its customers. Ctrack customers rely on data to optimise their businesses and need quality management information to make better decisions. Better decision making drives down costs and improves productivity, efficiency, utilisation and performance.

“The Ctrack Logistics Barometer is our way of providing the transport and related sectors with quality, updated information about the state of the logistics industry in South Africa,” says Hein Jordt, managing director of Ctrack South Africa.

“The barometer allows the business community and media to better understand how the logistics industry in South Africa is performing. With this information, businesses involved in the sector can make better strategic decisions. As thought leaders, we are delighted to be able to share our vast industry knowledge with the business community,” Jordt concludes.

The Ctrack Logistics Barometer can be viewed online at www.ctrack.co.za

Source: www.arrivealive.co.za