Tri-lateral cross border operation hit the ground running

A multi-disciplinary approach operation, with high police visibility, Provincial and local Traffic Officials, Home Affairs Immigration Officials, Crime Intelligence, detectives, K9, Public Order Police( POP), Vehicle Crime Investigation Units (VCIU) across Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Western Cape Provinces held simultaneous crime prevention operations.

The Tri-lateral cross border operation kicked started with a bang on Thursday, 05 December 2019. The operation sought to address organised crimes, transportation of illicit commodities, stolen properties, stolen vehicles, drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal firearms. Substantial crimes were combated, criminals were clamped down, law enforcement agencies stamped the authority of the state by bringing the perpetrators of crimes to book.

Compliance inspections were conducted on second hand goods dealers, including scrap yards, liquor outlets. A shebeen was also raided and closed down in Lutzville, Western Cape and large quantity of alcohol was confiscated. The owner was slapped with a hefty fine, subsequent to be found illegally dealing in liquor.

All inter-linking roads, N1, N2, N6, N7, N12, secondary roads leading in and out of these three provinces were seen with high police presence, static road blocks, cordoned off and searched. Heavy and light motor vehicles including, busses, taxis, were inspected to ensure that they were roadworthy to travel on national and provincial roads. Stop and searches were also conducted. The Tri-Lateral Cross Border Operation yielded enormous positive anticipated results.

The following operational results were attained during the Tri-Lateral Cross Border Operation;

·Traffic fines to the value of more than R300 000-00 issued against motorists for contravening road Traffic Act.

·Drugs such as crystal meth, mandrax tablets, dagga and khat were confiscated with an estimated street value of more than R100 000-00 from drug peddlers within policing clusters involved in Tri-Lateral Cross Border Operation across three Provinces combined Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

·More than 10 000 vehicles were stopped and searched on static road blocks and at vehicle check points. A bus driver, carrying 65 passengers inside the bus was also arrested subsequent to be driving whilst under the influence of alcohol in the Eastern Cape, near Jeffery’s Bay. Upon his arrest he wanted to bribe police officers for his release. He is facing two charges, driving under the influence of alcohol and bribery.

·Another motorist was arrested on N1 for contravening speed limit as he was caught, driving 173 km/h on the zone of 80 km/h.

·Stolen vehicles and illegal imported vehicles were also confiscated on static road blocks. Some of these vehicles were reported stolen whilst other’s identification numbers were tempered with.

·Tracing of wanted suspects was executed and criminals who were on the run for various crimes were arrested.

· 96 boxes of Abalone units were seized.

· Undocumented person were arrested.

· Illicit cigarettes and Afzal molasses worth R684 304 seized.

· Copper cables confiscated.

· 9mm pistol.

The suspects are expected to appear in different magistrate’s Court across the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape.