Gauteng Traffic Police to reinforce law enforcement operations beyond the Easter season

The Gauteng Traffic Police will continue to reinforce law enforcement operations in the province following a high number of reported fatal crashes that led to major loss of lives during the Easter weekend. To this end, the Gauteng Traffic Police has adopted 365 Days towards making road safety a priority. Gauteng major roads experienced an increase in traffic volumes during the Easter season. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police have noted that no fatalities were reported during huge traffic volumes on Thursday, however fatalities were experienced on Friday between 18:00 and 22:00. This was as a result of people driving under the influence of alcohol.  

According to preliminary Easter Season Road Safety statistics, Gauteng recorded 30 crashes resulting in 36 fatalities. While the figures are relatively high, the law enforcement authorities have observed that significant amount of work has been done to reduce the number of crashes leading to fatalities. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police have also noted that pedestrian fatalities increased by 35% from a 30% recorded in 2019. What is of a concern is that most of these fatalities occurred between midnight and the early hours when people were expected to adhere to the curfew put in place by government to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is encouraging that passenger fatalities declined from 38% to 34%. Deaths among motor vehicle drivers and cyclists remained unchanged at around 30% and 1% respectively.  

“Many road crashes leading to fatalities that the province experienced during the Easter season are attributed to attitude, vehicle as well as or road factors. However, we are encouraged that the use of technology on Gauteng roads has assisted to ensure that vehicles that are not roadworthy are discontinued, drunken drivers and speedsters are apprehended and locked behind bars,” said Sello Maremane, Gauteng Traffic Police Spokesperson. 

“The Gauteng Traffic Police has adopted 365 days to reinforce and conduct law enforcement operations aimed at enhancing road safety in the province,” added Sello Maremane, Gauteng Traffic Police Spokesperson. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police would like to extend deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost their loved ones during the Easter Season period and wish a speedy recovery to those receiving medical treatment as a result of injuries sustained from fatal crashes.