Torch Spark Plugs - Designed for Modern Engines

Torch Spark Plugs - Designed for Modern Engines

Torch Spark Plugs are designed around today’s modern engines. Strict quality measures are put in place at every stage of the assembly process. All loose components which make up a Torch spark plug are made from the highest quality materials.

The insulator, made of T95 ceramic, ensures high dielectric strength. This is to withstand the high voltage generated from the ignition coil. Current passes through the non-conductive insulator, with no leakage, starting from the terminal nut through to the tip of the centre electrode. Here the current jumps the air gap creating a spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture.

The heat range of a spark plug plays a vital role by removing a specific amount of heat from the combustion chamber and transferring the heat to the cylinder head and water jackets. The spark plug needs to remain hot enough to prevent carbon fouling and cool enough to prevent pre-ignition and detonation. A thermal couple test is done on newly developed engines at the point of manufacture in order to determine the precise heat range to be used during production.

A nickel-plated metal shell prevents corrosion and seizing of the thread during long-term service intervals. A copper core centre electrode - a good heat conductor - is used to allow for better heat dissipation, effectively removing heat from the combustion chamber. A ceramic resistor is used to reduce radio frequency interference (RFI) levels during spark plug ignition.

Using a non-resistor or incorrect spark plug could produce adverse effects on the electrical system. Precious metals like platinum and iridium are used in today’s hi-tech, modern engines. This ensures that the centre and ground electrodes are extremely robust and able to handle high temperatures. These properties guarantee longer service intervals.

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Torch Spark Plugs - Designed for Modern Engines

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