RTIA: AARTO Continues Until ConCourt Confirms the Ruling

The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) notes the Pretoria High Court ruling on the constitutionality of the principal Administrative Adjudication of the Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act of 1998, and its subsequent Amendment Act of 2019.

The RTIA wishes to inform road users that the provisions of the principal AARTO Act are still enforceable until the Pretoria High Court ruling is confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

In addition, the Minister of Transport Mr. Fikile Mbalula, has pronounced on the intention to appeal the Pretoria High Court Judgment. The RTIA Board of Directors has also taken a resolution for the Agency to join the Minister to appeal the Judgment. 

Therefore, AARTO implementation continues until the Judgment on the constitutionality of the AARTO Act has been subjected to all due legal review processes.  

Furthermore, the RTIA reminds road users to take advantage of the AARTO elective options to resolve their AARTO fines. The elective options contained in the AARTO Act include the following:

a.    Receive 50% discount if infringement is paid within 32 days of receipt of the infringement notice.
b.    Submit a representation to dispute an AARTO infringement. 
c.    Nominate the driver in control of the vehicle in order to transfer the infringement.
d.    Submit an application to pay in instalments if your AARTO fine/s exceed R750.
e.    Elect to be tried in court

These are rights and options accorded to motorists through the AARTO Act. Motorists are urged to familiarise themselves with the Act in order to understand these immediate benefits of the AARTO Act. In the end, they will be able to select the specific option suitable to address their particular AARTO infringement. 

AARTO is a national road safety intervention designed to change the behaviour of the road users towards curbing the high number of fatalities that occur on our roads. It is estimated that close to 14 000 road users perish on our roads annually due to traffic law violations committed by infringers.

Motorists are also encouraged to register on the AARTO website, www.aarto.gov.za, in order to speedily check and resolve their AARTO infringements.

Source: www.arrivealive.co.za