MEC Ntuli commisions investigations for possible engineering interventions in the congested towns of eJozini and KwaNongoma

The MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Bheki Ntuli, has instructed the Department to investigate possible engineering interventions, including possible by-passes in the congested towns of eJozini and KwaNongoma, north of the province.

These two small towns usually experience huge traffic congestion during peak hours, which also affects the movement and the economy of the small towns in the province.

At most, motorists would spend about two hours to access or pass through the central business districts of these towns and in worse case scenarios, these towns would come to a stand-still. This is also posing a threat to the delivery of services and movement of emergency services.

This week, the Transport Portfolio Committee had an engagement with Department officials and the Jozini Municipality to discuss possible interventions to mitigate against this challenge.

The committee supported the processes undertaken by the Department and urged that the processes be expedited.

A possible site for a by-pass has been identified in Jozini. Based on interventions, the engineering team will commence with the development of designs.

Commenting after the Portfolio Committee visit in Jozini, MEC Bheki Ntuli said this matter is very urgent as it is one of the key areas of focus for the current term in the transport portfolio. He welcomed the assembling of a joint committee to investigate this matter and to come up with reasonable cost interventions.

“When some of these towns were designed there was no expectation that traffic and vehicle population would increase to this level. The current situation is an injustice to the people who rely on these small towns to access important amenities. This matter is urgent because during peak hours the lives of people in this area comes to a halt with the economy being affected. We view these towns as strategic in many ways therefore there need to be an improvement in the traffic management. Nongoma and Jozini are also essential in providing strategic links to other small towns in the province. There is also a tourism attraction because of the location of the palaces in these two towns,” commented Ntuli.