The Provincial Commissioner concerned about drunken driving cases in the Nelspruit area

NELSPRUIT - The Provincial Commissioner of Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, has expressed his anxiety about the alarming drunken driving cases being opened against misbehaving drivers in the Nelspruit area during the festive season.

"In spite of fatal accidents occurring daily on the roads as well as the continuous call made by police and the government, for drivers to refrain from drinking and driving, this seems to be falling on deaf ears among some drivers." said General Zuma.

This has once again been noticed in the number of drivers that have just been nabbed only on Saturday 04 January 2020 wherein more than 20 drivers were put behind bars for driving under the influence of alcohol in a space of about eight hours in the Nelspruit area alone.

Meanwhile recently on 21 December 2019, the police reported that 28 people were arrested at Nelspruit for driving under the influence of liquor.

Drivers continue to ignore the call made by the authorities in order to make the roads safer for motorists and other road users. Police continue to appeal to citizens to exercise caution whenever they use the roads because failure to do that will only lead to fatalities and serious injuries on the roads.

The message was not only meant for the festive season period only but rather an instruction that should be adhered to at all times. Schools will reopen in a few days and police call on motorists to be sober when driving on the roads. Children will also be making use of the same roads used by motorists and hence a need to drive with consideration for other road users so as to prevent road accidents.