Public Awareness


One of the most important requirements for a successful Arrive Alive Campaign is participation from all key players. The need for greater participation from the public has been confirmed in numerous interviews and briefings on road safety.

The following aspects were emphasized by the Minister of Transport, Mr Omar in his address at the launch of the Arrive Alive Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign in Pinetown, 22 November 1999:

" My department and I, together with all Provincial Ministers of Transport wish to call upon all road users to join the partnership against road carnage. In Partnership we will ensure that an accident -free festive season will become a reality in the history of our country."

The role of the media in enhancing public awareness was also emphasized in the address:

"I will be doing injustice also not to convey appreciation for the role of the media during the Arrive Alive Campaign. Your continued support for this campaign is vital and acknowledged. I wish to indicate that my office and that of my colleagues in provinces will be available 24 hours a day during this festive season to be of assistance to enable you to perform your functions as you continue to inform and educate our people about road safety .Once again, thank you."

Not only has the department of transport over the past few years promoted road safety but also the private sector, communities and organized formations. Minister Omar has pledged his full support for these contributions as this compliments the efforts of the Department of Transport. Minister Omar has stressed that a combined approach must ensure that the millions of people are better informed, empowered and educated on road safety matters.

In an address on the 21st of November 2002 at the Road to Safety Milestone Event, the Minister of Transport made the following plea : “My plea to all of you is that we should all assume our respective responsibilities, all the way down to each and every one of one us. The battle for road unsafety has to be waged by all, and it should be waged on all fronts. I am sure that all together, if we are mobilised, and with adequate and precise means, we will rise to the challenge, as together we can make a difference.”

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