Road Safety Challenge in South Africa

Road Safety Challenge in South Africa

A brief overview of the challenge of Road Safety to South Africa would include the following data:

  • Licensed vehicles: 7.9 million;
  • Licensed drivers: 6.9 million;
  • Total road network: 650 000 kms;
  • Annual vehicle kms traveled: 20.4 billion kms;

Road Accidents Scenario:

  • Over 700 000 accidents from minor to fatal;
  • Of these 36 000 are serious or fatal;
  • 12 000 fatalities annual
  • Total cost of road accidents to economy: R36 Billions or
    USD $5.7 billion

Fatal Crashes December 2005

  • More than 1446 people died during December 2004 - nearly 46 people died on South African Roads EACH DAY for this month;
  • Thousands more suffer from permanent disablement, and their families suffer with them;
  • Most of the crashes happened at night and over weekends;
  • Pedestrians make up nearly 40% of road casualties as they are defenseless against any vehicle which hits them traveling faster than 35 kph. Alcohol a factor in 57% of those fatalities;
  • The majority of the vehicles involved in crashes are sedans, and the causes of the collisions almost always involve speed as one of the factors;
  • Close to 10% of the people killed were children, with the most "at risk" group being between the ages of 6 and 12.

Information compiled from a Presentation by Ntau Letebele, Director –Campaigns, at the PRI World Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE 26-29 March 2006.

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