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Safety belts in minibuses Edward 26-May-2010
Can you please assist with the clarification of safety belts in Mini Buses owned by schools. Must schools install safety belts in their mini busses? Is it a requirement of the Traffic Act? Your assistance will be appreciated.

Regulation 213 (e) f the National Road Traffic Act 93/1996 states that no person shall operate a minibus or midi bus, first registered after 1 January 2006, operating in terms of an operating licence issued in accordance with the provisions of the National Land Transitional Transport Act, unless seatbelts are fitted for the driver and all passengers.

If the vehicle is not operating under this licence then it is not required to have seatbelts for all passengers but for the interests of road safety and the protection of the children if the school wishes it can have seatbelts fitted for all passengers.

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