Netstar Connect Report 2020/2021 outlines the state of Connected Mobility in Society

01 December 2020 | Road Safety Highlights

Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, today released the Netstar Connect Report 2020/21, an industry report that outlines the state of connected mobility in society, surveys stakeholder attitudes and maps the future of movement in the age of telematics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The benchmark report by the vehicle recovery and fleet intelligence organisation comes at a time in history when mobility and connectivity have never been more interrelated, more discussed – or more critical. 

“The rise of connected mobility means that soon millions of vehicles will be connected to the internet,” said Netstar managing director Pierre Bruwer. “Already billions of IoT devices are connected. All of these devices are generating data, and it is critical that we use this data to improve the safety and efficiency of movement and customise mobility to our needs as people and businesses. This is what the report looks at.”

The report uses Netstar telematics data to analyse the impact and effectiveness of the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa; it describes the emerging role of telematics in connected vehicles; and it identifies emerging mobility trends. Netstar also conducted a survey of partners and stakeholders, and reports on their attitudes to connectivity and role of IoT in motoring and transport.

Key take-outs from the Netstar Connect Report 2020/21:

Lockdown insights:

Netstar telematics data shows a spike in interprovincial travel as the Covid-19 lockdown was declared, followed by an admirable compliance to lockdown protocols for months. 
•    Lockdown had a noticeable effect on the country’s road use, fleet activity and traffic volumes, with some fascinating patterns emerging.
•    Where there was more movement, there was a greater propensity for crime. 

The Connected Car:

Netstar’s global partnership with major automaker Toyota has shown how connectivity is changing consumers’ relationships with their cars.

•    Connected vehicles generate consumer data through vehicle companion apps and IoT devices that can be used to build better, safer motor vehicles and improve efficiencies.
•    Today, connected vehicles are the hub of a connected life with everything from work to banking to infotainment available from the vehicle’s mobile wi-fi hub, as well as brand engagement and predictive service alerts. 


The next phase of connected mobility is seeing innovations around remote control, remote charging, navigation, safety, vehicle diagnostics, brand experience and insurance synergies. 

•    IoT and telematics provide fleet intelligence, monitoring, precision maintenance and connectivity that can improve safety, efficiencies, driver engagement and performance. 
•    In smart cities, including in Australia, where Netstar operates, urban planning, traffic policy social services and policing are informed by data from connected vehicles. 

Partner survey:

Mobility professionals, executives, clients and customers surveyed were almost unanimous that mobility keeps the economy moving, and that people and goods must be protected while on the move. 

•    About 78,1% of respondents agreed their families were safer with vehicle trackers installed.
•    In the commercial-mobility context, 64,9% of respondents agreed that data analytics and AI could predict criminal activity before it happens. 

The future:

The next opportunity for connected mobility operators lies in Big Data. The mobility leaders of the future will be those organisations that can apply data insights for the benefit of drivers, organisations and society at large. 

“We believe the Netstar Connect Report 2020/21 is a useful addition to the discussion around the future of movement,” said Bruwer. “We look forward to sharing it with our customers and industry partners as we all work to map the way forward, to use the power of data to build new mobility models that are safer, more efficient and more sustainable.”

•    To download the Netstar Connect Report 2020/21, visit

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