What to pack inside the medicine bag for the children

29 November 2023 | From Arrive Alive

It’s almost the silly season and most of you will be on the road and away on holiday. You are probably wondering what to pack in your travelling medicine bag for the kids. The trick is to pick one type of medicine for each condition. You will see that I mention a few names at once, choose only one. Also, try and coordinate with other moms going on the same that also have kids, so you don’t pack everything twice.

You can’t take your whole medicine cabinet along, so here is a list of the essentials I usually pack. I use a small vanity bag as a medicine bag for travelling.

Pain and fever

Paracetamol (Panado/Calpol) - for pain and fever. It must always be your first line of treatment for fever and pain. Remember, by giving Paracetamol with other pain meds, it potentiates the effect, so you will get a better response from both. It can be used from infancy. You get Panado infant drops, which is a more concentrated form of the regular Panado, so that means you can give less fluid with the same concentration. For kiddies below 3 months, consult with your GP first before giving it.

Neurofen / Ibuprofen / Ponstel – Also a good medicine for pain and fever. Only to be given from 6 months. Try not to give it if there's a chance your little one might be dehydrated or behind on fluids, as it can then cause some kidney damage. 

Panamor suppositories – Same class of ingredient as Neurofen/Ponstel. So it is not to be used with another NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). Remember, suppositories are not more effective than an oral syrup. They are to be used as a backup if your little one can’t keep their medicine down.

Empaped suppositories – Paracetamol is the active ingredient. Again, do not use it if you have given Paracetamol orally. Remember, suppositories are not more effective than an oral syrup. They are to be used as a backup if your little one can’t keep their medicine down.

Your thermometer

Allergies and bites

Allecet / Cetrizine syrup – A good antihistamine for allergies or runny noses. It is non-sedating and usually a daily dose. I prefer it over Allergex that is sedating and needs to be given 3 times a day. Some moms prefer Allergex at night for allergies as it has a more sedative effect.

Dazit nasal spray – An antihistamine nasal spray good for stuffy noses due to allergies, you never know what allergens will be at the holiday destination.

Snotty noses

Sinumax Ped /Demazin – My go-to if my toddler has a stuffy nose. Bear in mind it contains Paracetamol, so don’t add regular Paracetamol as well.

Stérimar/Flo baby – A saline nasal spray, good for stuffy noses.

Iliadin nasal spray/drops – A good decongestant for a blocked nose. Not to be used for more than 3-5 days. This is very important, as it can worsen congestion if you use it longer and they become dependant on it.


Bronkese / Linctopent / Bisolvin – Good cough syrup for loosening phlegm.

ACC200 – Something to loosen phlegm.

Wounds and injuries

Bactroban ointment – For cuts that might be an infection risk. Don’t use it routinely for cuts, as you can create resistance by using it if there is no indication.

Plasters – with cute characters on…it makes any boo-boo (or fake boo-boo) so much better.

Burnshield Emergency Burn Care – For emergency treatment of burns.

Silbecor ointment - Good ointment for burn wounds.

SteriStrips – For small cuts that don’t need stitches, but are a little too deep for nothing.

Container with salt – to mix with some water to clean wounds. Try to stay away from anti-septics like Savlon and Dettol, it burns like hell and hampers wound healing.

Scissor, gauze, bandages – for serious injuries

Tweezers – to remove splinters

Hand sanitizer – to keep your hands clean when managing wounds.

Tummy troubles

Lacson syrup – A laxative safe for kiddies.

Smecta/Tasectan – A good binding agent when your little one has diarrhoea. You never give an anti-diarrhoeal to kids, but this one is safe as it does not stop the diarrhoea but binds it instead. 

Valoid suppositories – For nausea, if they vomit everything. From 6 years onward.

Valoid syrup – From 1 year old for nausea. Good to be used for a long car trip if they are prone to motion sickness.

Scopex / Hyospasmol syrup – For stomach cramps. It can be used from 1 month.

Rehydrate – Rehydration fluid for cases of diarrhoea. The newest research shows that the best fluid to give with diarrhoea is the milk the child usually drinks. I then just supplement with extra hydration fluid.


Anthisan / Allergex ointment – For those nasty, itchy mosquito and insect bites.

Steroid cream – to be used short term for stubborn rashes.


Cetaphil Daylong kids – Dermatologically recommended sunscreen for babies and kids.

Aftersun – for the nasty sunburns

Don’t forget a hat!

[Info compiled by BloemMomDoc]

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