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13 March 2017 | Road Safety Highlights

We are pleased to announce that the 13th of March 2017 is the 14th birthday of the Arrive Alive Road Safety website.

The vision to enhance road safety awareness online started in September 2002 and we were able to launch the first version of the Arrive Alive website on the 13th of March 2003. Since this time we have made significant strides in road safety awareness and would like to reflect very briefly on some of these successes.

We have been blessed in the efforts to create an information portal on road safety and would like to express our gratitude to all those who have made this possible.


Our sincerest gratitude towards:

- Our road safety partners

- Our experts in different fields of law enforcement, regulation, investigation etc

- The programmers and web designers from Chillies

- The journalists and reporters from the media who have assisted in the further distribution of information

- Family and friends for words of support when the going got tough

- The public for alerting us to their needs and aspects to be given wider exposure.

Without the assistance, contribution or inspirational support from our corporate partners and individuals this simply would not have been possible.

Have we been successful?

We are proud to claim that that the Arrive Alive website has become a well-known and recognized road safety information portal. It is however not merely via one web domain that we have been able to contribute – but through a wide variety of social media platforms, printed media, radio and even television.

Even though we cannot do the physical traffic enforcement or safe construction of roads we can ensure that safety information is made available to a wide audience via our information portal.

The Arrive Alive website received in 2008 the Guild of Motoring Journalists [CARS] Road Safety Achievement Award. Content from the website has been included in a variety of books, magazines, websites and many company circulars.


The best about an online initiative is that it is highly measurable. Through website analytics and many online tools we can easily establish whether we have achieved the desired search engine optimization. The Arrive Alive website is now highly searchable on the internet for any search related to road safety information.

Anyone searching for road safety information will find the Arrive Alive Website!

We would like to invite everyone to share in our journey and to view information on the progress made via the following link:

Arrive Alive Online Infographic 2016


It has been our objective to develop this initiative in the utmost of transparency. We have provided regular reports to the Road Safety authorities on the progress made and have always recognized the importance of close cooperation with these authorities.

Every cent received and spent over the past 14 years in the online road safety efforts have been included in the yearly audit.

It is our wish that the road safety website and our other online road safety initiatives will contribute to greater road safety awareness and protect all our road users from injury and loss of life!

We would like to invite other to join in making this possible!!

Adv Johan Jonck website


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