Education and Road Safety

Education and Road Safety

The Department of Transport and the Department of Education have emphasized the need for a long term road safety strategy that will include road safety education. The Ministry of Education announced at the start of 2006 that primary-school pupils will also study road safety in 2006 as part of the school curriculum. The Department of Transport confirmed that they have embarked on extensive educational programs, which have reached 90% of radio listeners and 80% of television viewers.

Children and young people have a high involvement in road crashes, so they must learn to use the road safely. Receiving road safety education as part of their normal school curriculum is recognized as being one of the most effective ways of providing youngsters with road safety knowledge. Road safety education develops knowledge, skills, attitudes and even more importantly - values that enable pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists, drivers and passengers to use the road safely.  The Road Traffic Management Corporation has been tasked with providing road safety education.

In the past road safety education in schools was sporadic, non-continuous or even non-existent. There were many learners who went through schooling without ever being exposed to road safety education. Development of new resources using computers and other related equipment has now encouraged the use of new technology as part of the learning experience. The internet can play an important part in creating awareness of road safety and in making available educational materials.

Research have shown that learners show a limited awareness with regards to, amongst others

  • the importance of protective gear and reflective clothing for cyclists
  • the side of the road and for or against traffic and as to where (on the pavement or on the road) a cyclist should ride
  • the laws related to carrying of passengers on motorbikes
  • the importance of wearing seat belts
  • why it is important to use a pedestrian footbridge if provided and not cross at any section of the road

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