Stats Easter: 2006

Easter 2006 Part1

    1.  Introduction

    2.  Summary

2.1. Executive Summary

2.2. Summary of Major Accidents over Easter 2006


 Easter 2006 Part2 

    3.  Number of Fatal Crashes, Fatalities, Vehicle involvement and Types of Crashes 

3.1  Number of Fatal Crashes

3.2  Number of Fatalities

3.3  Fatality rate

3.4  Number Vehicles in Crashes

3.5  Number of Fatalities per Vehicle Type

3.6  Fatalities per Road User Group

3.7  Number of Crashes per type of Crash

3.8  Crashes per Day of Week

3.9  Crashes per Time of Day

Easter 2006   Part 3

    4.  Traffic Volumes
    5.  Law Enforcement and other Actions over Easter 2006
    6.  Freedom Day – Workers Day long weekend                                                                         


    A  Estimated Number of Vehicles involved in crashes                                                                 

    B  Estimated Number of Fatalities per Vehicle type

    C  Road User Group Fatalities

    D  Estimated Number of Crashes per Crash Type


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