Scholar Patrol

TYPE F:  INTERSECTION CONTROLLED BY TRAFFIC LIGHTS OR STOP SIGNS (Two non-adjacent, three or four crossings).

COMPOSITION: 1 captain, 2 leaders and 2 members





Per team:
Caps 5 1 year
Lapel Badges:    
Captain 1 1 year
Leader 1 year
Member 1 year
Per Crossing
Captain 1 3 years
Leader 2 3 years
Member 2 3 years












Each of the four street corners should be manned by either the leader or a member depending on circumstances. Leaders must always face oncoming pedestrians. The Captain is free to roam and offer assistance where necessary.


 The team sees to it that the pedestrians only enter the crossing when the traffic light is in their favour. In the case of a crossing regulated by stop signs, the traffic situation should be of such a nature that the crossing could be attempted safely.

  • The pedestrians are prevented from crossing by the team member on the one side of the street and the leader on the opposite side of the street.
  • Once the leader has ensured that the traffic situation is safe, the order for pedestrians to cross can be given.
  • The member opposite the leader lifts an arm to stop pedestrian flow. This is done in time with the changing of the pedestrian light. When crossing is clear, leader blocks crossing (now empty).
  • The team sees to it that the pedestrians only use the crossing when it is safe to do so (no stop boards are to be used).