Scholar Patrol - Composition and Procedure


  • As laid down by the Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996), section 57.5, scholars and students (learners) can be organized into patrols (known as scholar patrols) in order to display a stop sign in the prescribed manner (SADCRTSM 11/97, section 2.8) so that the safety of pedestrians crossing a public street or road can be ensured.
  • It is a function of provinces to support the establishment of scholar patrols where there is a need and where it is demanded by circumstances.
  • Where needed, and when requested by school principals and/or recommended by traffic authorities, the aid and assistance of the relevant province should be given to assist with the functioning of scholar patrols.
  • The province arranges insurance cover against collisions and claims resulting from events occurring during the legal functioning of scholar patrols.
  • Equipment and guidelines for the implementation and functioning of scholar patrols is provided by the province.