Scholar Patrol

Province: The administrative and political division of the Republic of South Africa as determined by the Constitution, which is responsible for the provision and administration of the transport, traffic and safety and security departments under various MEC.
Traffic authority: The traffic policing body under whose jurisdiction the scholar patrol crossing would fall, whether of a provincial, local or municipal nature.
Principal: The person so appointed by the provincial department of education to be in charge of a specific school.
Responsible Educator: The person appointed by the principal to administer, manage and control the operation and implementation of scholar patrols at a specific school.
Captain: A learner who is in charge of a scholar patrol crossing team made up of leaders and members. It is preferable that a captain will be older than the other team members and will have served on scholar patrol teams in the past
Leader: A learner who is in charge of the members manning a crossing. A leader should have served as a member in the past.
Member: Learners who man crossings under the direction of a leader.
Scholar Patrol team: The complete team who man a crossing, including the captain, and all the leader(s) and member(s) as well as the adult supervisor.
Adult supervisor:

An adult person (person older than eighteen (18) years of age) who supervises the scholar patrol team in action. This involves checking that the correct procedures are followed and supplying assistance where necessary, especially with regard to crowd control or collision details.

Adult supervisors may be students (eg university / technikon, etc), retired persons, parents, educators, administrative or maintenance staff of the school, traffic officers, or any other adult. Whilst engaged in supervising the scholar patrol, they are covered by insurance.