Average Speed Prosecution


1.1 If equipment is used to capture an image of a motor vehicle to
calculate the average speed of such a motor vehicle over an extended distance, at least two photographs must be taken (one at the start location and one at the end location), recording the following:

a) date of offence;
b) time of offence;
c) the locations and location codes of the recording equipment

1.2 The information on the photograph and the information on the
ENaTIS system must correlate with regard to the make and type of vehicle.

1.3 The start and end locations of each prosecution area, must be  
clearly marked and the distance in between measured.

1.4 The camera warning sign used for camera prosecutions must be
displayed with a supplementary sign indicating that average speed is measured.

1.5 The entire measurement area of a site must fall within the
magisterial district of a court or with permission from the DPP, within the jurisdictional area of a DPP.

[ Compiled by the Technical Committee for Standards and Procedures for Traffic Control and Traffic Control Equipment (TCSP) ]

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