ERS and Road Safety

Who and what is ERS?ERS stands for Excel Recovery Services.

They are a boutique specialist insurance claims recovery and liability outsourcing outfit, specializing in turning negative impacts into positive outcomes!

They believe that Excellent client service is the cornerstone of any business and to maintain that level of trust, one needs to be transparent and keep the channels of communication open.

Since its inception in 2007, ERS created a brand of excellence, efficiency, and cost-effective delivery to ERS clients, from insurers to underwriters, brokers and self-insured or partially self-insured, fleet and fund managers, as well as uninsured drivers or vehicle owners.

They understand that there are many factors, especially in South Africa, that force one to make some difficult decisions. One such decision is whether to cancel your motor insurance. Although it is a necessity to have it, the monthly premium is not always affordable. An alternative, less expensive option would be Third Party Fire and Theft cover. This ensures that you do not have to be out of pocket for another vehicle’s damage, should you be the more liable party.

ERS offers its services to assist in instances where you are not insured and were not the guilty party. In other words, when the accident was #notyourfault. How the process works:

Their services include, but are not limited to

Third-party motor recoveries

  • This entails the recovery of money from the party who caused the damage to a client’s vehicle or property.
  • If the client was insured, the excess can be refunded by his insurance company if they have been successful in recovering their loss from the guilty party.
  • If the client was uninsured, their team of professionals can deal with this matter on your behalf, without making use of an attorney.
  • ERS is successful in 95% of cases without having to take legal action. If there is a need to litigate to be successful, ERS will manage this process as well, although the client will be liable for legal fees incurred.

Third-party liability claims

  • This entails the negotiation of settlement due to a third party after an insured driver/client caused damage to property.

  • Negotiation will be done using the appropriate law and apportionment will be applied according to generally accepted industry practice. 

  • A loss adjuster will be appointed if the damage is extensive, or if the need arises to establish a fair amount to be offered as settlement. (T’s and C’s apply)

Why should an insurer, UMA or broker make use of their services?

  • A substantial saving in time and overhead costs.

  • With their own extensive experience, ERS advises clients on whether litigation is a viable option.

  • Substantial savings on legal costs.

  • Peace of mind, knowing that specialists are handling important functions and actions.

  • Clients keep control of every process without being responsible for its execution.

  • Through their state-of-the-art feedback system, clients have 24/7 access to follow the progress of claims. They can also generate reports via the internet - a FREE service offered by ERS.

  • The loss ratio improves, and a continuous income is generated to replenish funds.

  • Better service to your clients (especially for insurers, underwriters, and brokers).

  • An improvement in your recoveries and a supply of monthly statistics.

Why should you as an individual make use of their services?

  • An alternate solution to an attorney - no consultation fees.

  • ERS gives guidance concerning information and documents needed to start with a claim.

  • They will assist with the tracing of the other party involved in the accident and negotiate a possible settlement on your behalf, should the accident be #notyourfault.

  • BumpERS assist and ER24 app (

  • Connecting you with an RAF specialist.

ERS is a brand that is big enough to count, but small enough to care. A brand that becomes part of your back office, but not part of your payroll.

Discover how the fact that they work only on success fees can positively enhance your insurance loss ratios.

Legal costs in South Africa are high and just a consultation can run up exorbitant fees.

Contact ERS today and speak to their accident recovery specialists. It might be the best bottom-line decision you ever made.

Telephone: 086 111 3826