Several injured in road crash in Randburg
15 Oct 2019 | From Arrive Alive
Paramedics from Emer-G-Med responded to Hans Schoeman C/O Silverpine Road for a taxi collision involving children. We treated and transport multiple patients with mild to moderate injuries
Newborn saved through quick response from Community, SAPS and Paramedics
15 Oct 2019 | From Arrive Alive
This evening at approximately 5:30pm Kwazulu Private Ambulance Service was called to Gamalake location to assist with an abandoned baby. Thankfully, when paramedics arrived they found that the baby had not been abandoned. However, the mother had delivered the baby in an abandoned house where she had
21 Passengers flung from bakkie in rollover at Ntabavombu
15 Oct 2019 | From Arrive Alive
This morning at approximately 11.40am, Kwazulu Private Ambulance Service responded to Ntabavombu for an accident. When paramedics arrived on scene they found a bakkie had lost control and rolled. Resulting in the 21 occupants to be flung from the vehicle. When paramedics assessed the scene they
Car Rental and Consequences of a Crash with the Car Rental Vehicle
Introduction On the Arrive Alive website we offer advice and suggestions on Car Rental and Safe Driving and focus on safety...
Road Safety and Rail Crossings/ Level Crossings
Introduction: What is a level crossing? The term level crossing (also called a railroad crossing, a road through railroad,...
Get There No Regrets and Road Safety
Introduction Safety on the road is a major concern not only for traffic officials but indeed for all road users. There...
Physical Fitness for Safe Driving / Road Safety
Introduction Much of being a safe driver is being fit to drive in the first place and knowing when this is the case. When...
The relationships between enforcement effort and speeds
The relationships between enforcement effort and vehicle speeds and also vehicle speeds and crash risk. Speed enforcement...
Pedestrian Safety in South Africa
Pedestrian fatalities remain a major concern for road safety and health authorities, especially in middle and lower-income...
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