One seriously injured after a vehicle collided with a tree in Primrose
15 Jul 2020 | From Arrive Alive
Emer-G-Med responded to a collision in Primrose. On arrival, they found that a car had hit a tree. One critically injured patient flown with @Netcare911_sa HEMS to the appropriate facility. Local authorities were on the scene for investigations.
Fleet telematics remains an important tool to drive down fleet costs
15 Jul 2020 | Road Safety Highlights
Fuel savings, extending the life of your fleet and intensifying your advanced roadcraft training, are all techniques MasterDrive has suggested to reduce your fleet costs. Another technique that businesses should be using is fleet telematics to further reduce costs. The managing director of MasterDrive,
Two killed in shooting in Mayfair
14 Jul 2020 | From Arrive Alive
Paramedics from Emer-G-Med responded a shooting. Unfortunately on arrival two people were declared dead on the scene. One patient was transported to the hospital with minor injuries
Road Traffic Management Corporation
Background to the Road Traffic Management Corporation [RTMC] in South Africa The Road to Safety Strategy involves the...
Street Lighting and Visibility for Road Users
Good lighting values provide visual comfort and visual performance for motorists Abstract Visual comfort is a subjective...
Disposable Breathalysers for Safe Sober Driving and Working
.row { margin: 0 -15px 15px; clear: both; float: none; min-width: 100%; } .col-md-6 { width: 50%; float: left; padding:...
Development Team
DEVELOPMENT TEAM OF WWW.ARRIVEALIVE.CO.ZA 2004 (From Left to Right): Johan Jonck, Nelio de Sa(Managing...
4x4 Off-Road Driving and Conservation
Offroad drivers have quite rightly been maligned and badmouthed in many parts of Africa because of cowboy driving which is...
Running / Jogging and Road Safety
Background Information Road Safety is a concern not only for motorists but also for other road users such as pedestrians,...
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