18 Oct 2017 | From Arrive Alive
This morning at approximately 5:15 am, a man, approximately 50 years of age was shot and wounded at the drop-off area at the Cape Town International Airport. The 50-year-old man was at the drop and go section of the airport when occupants in an unknown sedan opened fire on him and fled. During the
18 Oct 2017 | From Arrive Alive
Quick response by local Emergency services prevents a catastrophe from taking place. A senior off-duty police officer travelling with a young relative on the R72 from Port Elizabeth was overtaken on a double barrier line at a very dangerous part of the road. Ironically the vehicle was marked with signs
18 Oct 2017 | Road Safety in the Media
Four people were injured this morning when a taxi and light motor vehicle collided into a concrete pillar, causing the above balcony to collapse at the corners of Main and Wilson in Wynberg in the Western Cape. ER24 paramedics, along with Metro and Life Healthcare, arrived on the scene at approximately
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Smartphone Apps and Road Safety / Roadside Emergencies
Introduction Cellular phones have a significant impact on our ability to request medical and other assistance in the unfortunate...
Safety Precautions when working on your Vehicle
Safety Advice when Working on Your Vehicle Never trust a jack. Rather buy some sturdy stands and use them whenever...
Crash types and types of injuries in road crashes
Have you ever considered the type of injury you might sustain from a specific type of crash? What would be the first injuries...
Scholar Patrol
7.8 Volunteers supervises the scholar patrol crossing at all times whilst in operation; furnishes information...
Driving in Winter / Driving on Snow and Ice
Driving in winter may be hazardous for the unprepared and inexperienced driver. Although South Africa is not as well known...
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