24 Jul 2017 | From Arrive Alive
One man was killed and seven others injured last night when a minibus and light motor vehicle collided on the N2 in Somerset West in the Western Cape. ER24 paramedics, along with Life Healthcare and Metro Services, arrived on the scene and found two wrecked vehicles on the side of the road. Both vehicles
24 Jul 2017 | From Arrive Alive
Approximately 50 people were left injured this morning following numerous collisions on the N12 between the Etwatwa and Putfontein Road turnoff in Benoni, Johannesburg. ER24 paramedics, along with several other services, responded to the scene after hearing reports of numerous collision, allegedly
24 Jul 2017 | From Arrive Alive
Thirteen people have been injured after a taxi was rear ended by another taxi on the M4 southern freeway near the N2 split. Rescue Care Paramedics arrived on the scene just after 7 am this morning to find that a fully laden taxi with commuters had been rear ended by another taxi which fortunately
Road Safety & Tyre Safety
Introduction to Tyre Safety: The failure to attend to tyre safety is a vital factor in thousands of road accidents every...
GPS and Road Safety
Background to GPS What is GPS? The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only fully functional Global Navigation...
Overhang from a vehicle and flags for Safety
Introduction: We often find drivers transporting goods and materials that cannot safely fit inside their vehicles. This...
Human Error
HUMAN ERROR AS MAJOR CAUSE OF ACCIDENTS Driver fitness as an essential element in road safety is highlighted by international...
Alcohol and Legal Implications of Drunk Driving
A. LEGAL IMPLICATIONS The legal implications: Road Traffic Act 93/96 as in effect since March 1998. Sections 122,...
What would be the Best Photos to take at the Scene of a Road Crash?
Much has been written about the dangers of cellular phones and the need to avoid them as typical distractions while driving....
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