19 Patients injured in a collision involving 13 vehicles on N2 South Bound at Esperanza
25 Jun 2022 | From Arrive Alive
This afternoon Kwazulu Private Ambulance Service responded to the N2 South Bound at Esperanza for reports of a collision. When emergency services arrived they found that 13 vehicles had been involved in a collision. Paramedics quickly assessed the scene and found that 19 patients had sustained
Stolen vehicle recovered in Cosmo City by JMPD
25 Jun 2022 | From Arrive Alive
Stolen Silver Mercedes-Benz C180 recovered by JMPD and RegionE Operations officers. The vehicle was stolen in Cosmo City and it was recovered abandoned at Kenya Str, Alexandra. Authorities were on the scene for assistance in the recovery of the vehicle.
Basic security precautions when you live in a remote area
25 Jun 2022 | From Arrive Alive
Do the following to ensure safety and security in remote areas: - Know your neighbours and maintain good relations with them. - Know which security services and community-based crime prevention initiatives are available in your area, and know how to reach them in case of an emergency. - Have the
Hijackings in South Africa: Where, When and Which Vehicles?
--> A word of appreciation to Ctack for the content provided / Vehicle Recovery Presentation on Theft and Hijacking...
Motorbike Clubs and Road Safety
Introduction With increased petrol prices more people are taking to the roads on motorcycles. Our bikers may well be...
Hikers and Hiking Safety
Introduction The diversity of beautiful scenery across South Africa contributes significantly to sports tourism. Whether...
Driving with Lights on at Daytime
Lights on Campaign At the launch of the several Road Safety Campaigns, the Department of Transport has urged motorists...
Winter Driving, Visibility and Defogging the Windscreen/ Windshield
The most basic guideline in instances of poor visibility through the windshield is “If you cannot see you should not...
Safety from Fire at our Homes
Emergency personnel have to respond to fires at homes and informal settlements across South Africa. In the bitterly cold...
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