Other Drivers


It is always important to remember that the road belongs to everyone, and that the motorist has to beware of other motorists on the road. Together with darkness and rainy conditions, other road-users may be regarded as one of the commonest hazards. Learn to recognize potentially dangerous drivers and keep well clear of them. No matter how severely you may be provoked, keep your temper and resist the temptation to retaliate - it may result in anything from a collision to a shooting-match.

The AA urges motorists to be especially wary when driving near any of the following:

  • Any vehicle in which the driver's range of vision is limited - such as a fully-laden pick-up with no side mirror.
  • Any vehicle that is dirty, rusty, missing parts or with a badly smoking exhaust - it is probably in poor overall mechanical condition.
  • A truck with a badly-packed or unsecured load, or a car with a bulky load on the roof rack - the load, or part of it, may come adrift.
  • A car containing active children and pets - the driver may be accident-prone or habitually careless.
  • A car with stickers on the windows, piles of luggage, a large number of passengers or hanging clothes - the driver's vision is probably obscured.
  • A vehicle with a driver who does not appear to be giving his full attention to the road.
  • A driver who obstructs and does not let you pass - slow down and let him get far ahead.
  • A vehicle that "wanders" about the road - it could be faulty steering or suspension, or the driver may be drunk or sleepy.

There are times of the day, and of the week, when accidents occur more frequently:

  • Between dusk and dawn.
  • During morning and evening peak periods.
  • At "closing time" for bars, hotels and clubs.
  • In the afternoon when children come out of schools.
  • After large public gatherings, such as rugby matches or race meetings.
  • Late in the week and at weekends when the use of alcohol increases.
  • On public holidays and weekends when many motorists are paying more attention to sightseeing than to proper driving.

Advice provided by the Automobile Association(AA)

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