Scholar Patrol - Summary of Actions


With a view to uniform action, the actions of all scholar patrols countrywide can be summed up as follows:

  • the team(s) on duty report(s) at a time as determined by the responsible educator / principal before school starts;
  • equipment is handed out;
  • teams are inspected regarding neatness, correct uniform and equipment;
  • attendance register is taken;
  • the captain passes on any special instructions to the leaders;
  • the teams move to the relevant duty points (crossings);
  • where applicable, pre-warning signs are put in place;
  • leaders set up their teams at the crossings;
  • in the afternoons the teams remain on duty until a time decided on by the responsible educator / principal;
  • leaders withdraw the teams (move teams and pre-warning signs);
  • equipment is checked and locked away after each duty tour;
  • leaders report any incidents and necessary information to the captain (eg equipment breakage, vehicle problems, bad pedestrian behaviour); 
  • the teams dismiss;
  • the captain reports to the responsible educator.