Barloworld Transport and Road Safety

Protecting lives and loadsProtecting lives and loads

Safety is the number one priority at Barloworld Transport, and the preservation of life and limb is a non-negotiable imperative throughout our business. Through strong focus on employee training, vehicle maintenance and general risk management we have entrenched a culture of ‘safety first’ in all our operations.

Managing risk

Managing on-road risk is an integral part of our business. Continually monitoring and managing staff and equipment enables us to minimise risk. While comprehensive training and accreditation programmes empower our drivers to deliver the goods safely to every destination.

Good drivers make all the difference

All new drivers at Barloworld Transport are required to complete a unique three-week Professional Driver Induction and Training Programme. During this time we analyse each driver’s risk profile and driving pattern, identify weaknesses and provide corrective training before allowing the driver to take to the road. To keep raising our high standards, all drivers are required to complete an annual one-week refresher training programme.

The programme focuses on defensive driving techniques and other advanced training modules. We offer a 12-month programme that aims to assist unemployed individuals become professional ultra-heavy truck drivers. Our ongoing Driver Training and Support Programme has raised overall safety standards, saving lives and keeping cargo safe on the roads.

Safety is non-negotiable

Safety is good for people and it’s good for business. This, for us, makes adherence to the highest health, safety, security and environmental standards a given. Our SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality) programme revolves around awareness, commitment and compliance. It was developed in-house and is integrated across all business units.

Barloworld Transport utilises DriveSmart™, a driver performance change management system that helps reduce the risk of loss of life, injury to road-users and damage to vehicles. DriveSmart™ provides evaluation criteria, behaviour change facilitation and driver rewards and recognition, further enhancing road safety by identifying problems early and prompting corrective action.

All vehicles are fitted with real-time satellite tracking and over 80% of our fleet have in-cab cameras. Vehicle tracking systems are seamlessly integrated with DriveSmart™ providing high-level monitoring of driver behaviour and assessment of on-road risk. Smarter drivers mean smarter deliveries - and a smarter way of doing business.

DriveSmart™ evaluates driving skills in five key areas: defensive driving, engine RPM management, idling, speed management and fatigue. By providing feedback to drivers concerning their driving patterns, they can acquire corrective knowledge, hone their skills with new techniques and maintain the right attitude.

A closely managed tutorial system helps drivers acquire the necessary knowledge on how to become the most professional and safest driver that he or she can be. Drivers are held accountable for their standard of driving and are encouraged to develop the right attitude to maximise learning and facilitate change of habits. Advanced training is provided in cases where it is deemed necessary.

Smart trucking

A true picture of driver behaviour

Using a combination of advanced in-vehicle camera technology and sophisticated event management DriveCam from Drive Report provides automatic event recording and video feedback to further facilitate driver management. Using a combination of advanced in-vehicle camera technology and sophisticated event management and driver-profiling software, DriveCam enhances the performance of both drivers and fleet managers.

A small camera mounted on the windscreen below the rearview mirror provides fleet managers with audio-visual evidence of driver behaviour out on the road. Risky driver behaviour is recorded in ‘exception-based’ 12-second video clips to alert fleet managers to dangers and the need for proactive driver training. Besides its role in driver training, DriveCam is a vital tool in accident investigations offering proof whether or not the driver is at fault.

Recorded footage often provides conclusive evidence where eyewitness accounts are either unavailable or may be highly subjective or even biased. By recording risky driving behaviour the DriveCam software provides all the data needed to implement a driver-incentive programme.

With every driver being scored on a daily basis, management can reward the fleet’s top drivers, based on accurate and unbiased driver-performance information. Where necessary, performance counselling is implemented to change risky driving habits that endanger the driver, the vehicle, its load and other road users.

Keeping track of your cargo

Keeping track of your cargo

All Barloworld Transport vehicles are fitted with real-time satellite tracking, on-board computers and application-specific recovery devices. With in-cab cameras in many of our vehicles, and cell phone communication with the entire fleet, our fleet trackers are in constant contact with drivers and vehicles, no matter where they may go in the region.

Compass Fleet Management provides telematics (the blending of computers and wireless technologies to convey information over large networks) for real-time tracking to proactively manage drivers and protect fleet assets along the route.

Integrating GPS technology, computers and mobile devices, fleet managers can track a vehicle and respond to events at any point in the journey.

This “Track and React” system offers the following benefits:

  • Increased ability to recover hijacked or stolen vehicles with strict 24/7 monitoring
  • Increased vehicle and driver productivity by eliminating unauthorised stops on route
  • Fuel savings by dealing with over speeding and excessive idling in real time
  • Accountability as repeat offenders are reported to management
  • Daily occurrence book listing all exceptions and action taken to ensure compliance

In the event that a vehicle is hijacked, Barloworld Transport has outsourced the recovery function to a service boasting a dedicated team of highly experienced recovery personnel equipped with rapid-response helicopters and ground response vehicles.

A network of service excellence

A network of service excellence

The Barloworld Transport network comprises 38 operational sites across southern Africa, powered by over 2400 employees. At the heart of this network are the people, processes and technology that provide solutions which are dynamic, responsive, adaptable and cost-effective—smart transport solutions that make a real difference to your business.

Only the best practices will do

Barloworld Transport is committed to the highest international standards of safety, governance and risk management. Not only do we adhere fully to the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in, we go a lot further. As a responsible corporate citizen we are committed to creating sustainable opportunities through training and development to empower individuals, strengthen our business and enrich communities across the sub-continent.

Our commitment to efficiency and safety is evident in the attention we devote to servicing and maintaining our fleet of more than 2000 trucks and trailers. Barloworld Transport operates OEM accredited in-house workshops staffed with skilled technicians and mechanics to ensure we keep the wheels rolling across our network.

With nine full-service workshops, and another six satellite stations providing support services seven days a week, you enjoy maximum uptime and enhanced performance and productivity.

Together we can deliver more

Together we can deliver more

In January 2013, Barloworld Logistics merged its Dedicated Transport Services Division with the Manline Group of Companies to form Barloworld Transport. Combining resources, services and experience results in more flexible, optimised and sustainable transport solutions.

Leveraging the strengths and expertise of each business unit, our smart transport solutions operate across a diverse range of industries including:

  • Abnormal and project cargo
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Cross-border
  • FMCG
  • General Freight
  • Hazardous goods
  • Linehaul
  • Mining
  • Timber and Sugarcane
  • Waste

Together we have a combined track record of service excellence, innovation, safety and advanced fleet management capabilities. It’s how we deliver sustainable results that not only reduce risk and costs, but increase service levels, reliability and flexibility.

Safe and sound all year round

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