Road Traffic Management Corporation

Background to the Road Traffic Management Corporation [RTMC] in South Africa

The Road to Safety Strategy involves the creation of the RTMC that will be responsible for vehicle registration, traffic information systems, public communication and traffic law enforcement.

The RTMC Act, 1999 (Act 20 of 1999) provided for the establishment of the RTMC. Recognising the importance of the regulation of public transport and road traffic for the development, safety and quality of life of all South Africans, the RTMC was created to:

  • enhance the overall quality of road-traffic management and service provision
  • strengthen cooperation and coordination between the national, provincial and local spheres of government in the management of road traffic
  • maximise the effectiveness of provincial and local government efforts, particularly in road-traffic law enforcement
  • create business opportunities, particularly for the previously disadvantaged sectors, to supplement public-sector capacity
  • guide and sustain the expansion of private-sector investment in road-traffic management.

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RTMC ACT , 1999 (Act 20 of 1999)

The Road Traffic Management Corporation : A Case Study

A special section has been created on the arrive alive web site for the RTMC. Amongst others, the RTMC is responsible for enhancing awareness of road safety in South Africa and in ensuring that effective traffic enforcement is achieved.

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