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Essential Cover

Essential cover is pocket-friendly insurance that's made especially for cars that are older than five years, not financed and valued under R125 000.

What's more, claims are paid out in cash, giving you the choice to choose your own panel beater. You will also receive an included OUTbonus if you remain claim-free for three consecutive years.

Essential cover vs Comprehensive cover

Essential OUTsurance is a lower-cost alternative for people who are looking for insurance for their older cars.

With Essential Cover, you are covered for loss and damage caused by an accident, theft and hijacking. You will also receive up to R1 million cover in the event of a third-party claim where you can be held legally responsible for causing damage to someone else's property.

Claims are paid out in cash which means you have cash in hand that allows you to negotiate a better price at a panel beater of your choice.

Benefits of Comprehensive cover

  • OUTbonus -You get 10% of your paid premiums paid back in cash after three consecutive years of not claiming.
  • Help@OUT - Get emergency roadside assistance whenever and wherever you need it, 24/7.
  • Low flat excess - Your excess remains fixed irrespective of the value of your claim.
  • Top panel beaters - Your car will be repaired by one of our approved panel beaters.
  • Liability cover - We pay up to R5 million for liability cover.
  • Lost and stolen keys - You will be covered if your car keys are lost stolen, or damaged in an accident.

Comparison Table


Comprehensive Cover

Essential Cover

Vehicles covered

Any car, motorbike, trailer, caravan, or watercraft

Vehicles older than five years, not financed, valued under R125 000.


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Low flat excess

Claim paid in cash minus a standard R3000 first amount not covered.

Liability cover

Up to R5 million

Up to R1 million

Theft cover

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Full retail value, minus a standard R3 000 first amount not covered.

Loss/damage due to an accident, intentional damage by someone else

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Damage due to fire, explosions, storms, earthquake

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Accident cover

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Up to 40% of the vehicle's retail value


We'll assist with repairs through our approved panel beaters.

Paid out in cash so that you have the option of choosing your own repairer


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Not included