Car Insurance & Vehicle Coverage

Now there is no reason not to be covered!

OUTsurance introduces ESSENTIAL cover for vehicles older than five years that are not currently insured.

65% of the 6,5 million vehicles on South African roads are currently uninsured – an alarming statistic if you consider the high accident rate in this country. The vast majority of these are older vehicles where drivers argue that the cost of cover is too high considering the value of these vehicles.

OUTsurance, in our unmistakably innovative way, has developed a new innovative product to address this exact concern. 

Essential OUTsurance uniquely offers affordable cover for vehicles that are:

  • not insured 
  • paid-off 
  • older than five years 
  • worth less than R50 000

Essential OUTsurance is a lower cost alternative to normal comprehensive insurance and covers you: 

  • when your car is damaged in an accident 
  • if your car is stolen, or 
  • if an accident is your fault and you are liable for damage to a third party's vehicle

Essential OUTsurance consists of Essential Accident Cover, Essential Theft Cover and Essential Third Party Cover that can be selected in any combination to arrive at an Essential package that suits your needs and your pocket. Even with the three Essential Covers combined, it can cost from as little as R80 per month!

Essential OUTsurance Accident Cover

Essential Accident Cover provides partial cover for damage to your vehicle. This is to ensure that Essential OUTsurance remains affordable. For example, if your vehicle is worth R30 000, you will be covered up to a maximum of R9 000 (that is 30% of the value of your vehicle), less a first amount not covered of R1 000, leaving you with R8 000 in cash. It is your responsiblity then to manage the repair process.

Essential OUTsurance Theft Cover

Essential Theft Cover covers you for up to 60% of the value of your vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is worth R30 000, the maximum payOUT will be
R18 000, less a first amount not covered of R1 000, leaving you with
R17 000 in cash.

Essential OUTsurance Third Party Cover

Essential Third Party Cover will provide full cover for liability towards a third party, which means that Essential OUTsurance will fully pay for the damage to the other person’s vehicle, to a maximum of R500 000, with no excess payable.

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