Yearly Report

Yearly Report on Voluntary Public Traffic Observer Reports

The National Traffic Call Centre at the Road Traffic Management Corporation has compiled a report on the progress made with reports of bad driving from the public. Interesting information in these reports includes a summary of the number of public traffic observer registrations per province and per year from 2003 till middle 2007. It also reflects on the day of the week that the traffic observers have been most effective:





Voluntary Public Traffic Observer

2003-2007 2003 2004


2005 2006 2007

Traffic Offences Reported Per Day-Of-Week Per Province







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The National Traffic Call Centre has from time to time offered a summary of some of the interesting reports with feedback and responses from the public. This feedback is shared with the public on the road safety blog at and confirms that the reporting of bad driving is playing a part in improving road safety in South Africa.

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