International Application


Research has shown that the phrase "Arrive Alive" has gained international recognition as the worldwide slogan for Road Safety. This phrase has been used extensively across many continents in campaigns to promote road safety. The following are some of the references that can be found:

  • Deb Tackman, a 1988 graduate of the University of Wisconsin, – Eau Claire has been recognized as a outstanding teacher, known for challenging her students to explore , learn and choose health –enhancing behaviors. In 1990 she and a group of North High School students developed "Arrive Alive", a three- day peer education, anti – drinking and driving curriculum that has impacted more than 50,000 students in the last ten years.

  • Arrive Alive Driver's Education was established as an Automobile Driving School in Canada in 1993

  • "The 'Arrive Alive' slogan was symbolic of Florida. It meant "drive defensively", so that every trip on Florida's highways would be a safe trip. It was our reminder to drive in a manner so that we would "Arrive Alive..." William J Becker, University of Florida.

  • In Wales 'Arrive Alive' was seen as the brainchild of the North Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. The aim was to save lives by making speeding motorists think twice about dangerous driving by installing fixed speed cameras and positioning mobile speed cameras at accident hot spots.

  • The National Sleep Foundation in the US launched in 1993 a Drive Alert …Arrive Alive campaign focused on the under recognized problem of sleep- related crashes on the road. The national phase of this campaign was launched at a December 1994 at a Washington DC symposium on sleeplessness and crashes.

  • In Ontario, Canada the primary objective of the Arrive alive –Drive Sober campaign is to increase awareness around the death and injury caused by impaired driving particularly during the summer months. The campaign provides messages, materials and literature to promote awareness of alternatives to impaired driving.

  • In Victoria, Australia Arrive Alive has been used by the Roads Corporation [VicRoads] to enhance road safety.

  • In the UK the Driving Standards Agency has developed the Arrive Alive Road Safety Programme. The motto of the Driving Standard Agency is "Safe Driving for Life"

  • In the US a website has been constructed by Mr Church with the focus on "Arrive Alive - Don't Drink and Drive". This site has been dedicated to his son Robert who died in a car accident.

Road safety is a global concern - and the web site will support international road safety initiatives and strive to provide information on road safety that could also be beneficial to these other road safety initiatives.