Sharing the Road with Trucks


Road crashes with heavy vehicles are receiving much more media attention than that of passenger vehicles. The carnage from these crashes are simply much scarier and thought-provoking than the multitude of other smaller crashes daily. Other road users are left with a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty as to what they can do to avoid becoming a victim in these crashes/ collisions.

A few important facts:

  • There is an appalling lack of accountability regarding road safety compliance and the shocking situation that exists on SA roads.
  • Effective law enforcement and accountability for non-compliance is essential to curb SA’s unacceptably high death toll and injury statistics.
  • While freedom of mobility is absolutely vital to our economy, it is nevertheless an extremely dangerous activity.
  • Even though it is true that “Without Trucks SA Starves”, competition and profit in the majority of the road freight sector should never be given priority over-responsible trucking.
  • There is a lack of understanding between the road users of various modes of road transport and how roads could be shared more responsibly.

On the Arrive Alive website, we strive to create an information portal for safer driving decisions. In doing so we will partner with several experts/consultants in providing insights on the heavy vehicle transport industry and what could be done to make sharing the roads safer.

Our objectives with this section:

  • Assist light vehicle traffic to understand the significant challenges in operating ultra-heavy trucks on our National highways.
  • Assist the operators of heavy vehicles to understand and comply with legislation pertaining to vehicle roadworthiness, overloading etc.
  • Create a better understanding of the risks when truck drivers share the road with high-speed light vehicles.
  • Discuss the dangers of reckless and/or negligent motorists who simply don’t have any idea of the limitations in handling heavy vehicles in emergency situations.

How do we plan on doing this?

We will present readers with a structured programme relating to these problems and use a “forum” approach to communicate the required management competencies and responsibilities entrusted to road freight Operators by improving their knowledge of the National Road Act (Act No 93 of 1996).

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