Traffic Signs of South Africa

Many visitors to the Arrive Alive road safety website have raised enquiries pertaining to the various road traffic signs found on the roads of South Africa.

"Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of roads to provide information to road users. With increasing speed of transport, the tendency is for countries to adopt pictorial signs or otherwise simplify and standardize signs, to facilitate international travel where language differences can create barriers and in general to reduce the risks in driving. Such pictorial signs use symbols in place of words and are usually a result of international standards. Such signs were first developed in Europe, and have been adopted by most countries to varying degrees." [Wikipedia]

We would like to share the road traffic sign charts from the Road Traffic Management Corporation [RTMC]. This is a very comprehensive document and will be made available in PDF documents.

These signs have been made available in 5 charts:

Click on the images below to access the complete list of signs

Regulatory Signs & Signals

Warning Signs

Guidance Signs

Temporary Signs

Signs Descriptions

Note: The following chart has been made available from Lets Look

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