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"To develop an effective road safety information portal that will enhance awareness of road safety and save lives"

The construction of the web site has been inspired by the efforts worldwide to promote road safety and the need for public awareness. The power of the internet as an educational tool can not be disputed and the creation of a high quality information portal will compliment the sterling work that has been done by the Ministry of Transport to date. It is not the intention of the developers to divert any attention away from the Arrive Alive campaign or to pass-off as the official Arrive Alive website, but rather to enhance and provide more information on these and other international efforts to improve road safety. Please read the special disclaimer

It is the vision of the developers to construct an effective road safety information portal to assist the following target groups:

  • The Department of Transport
  • Officials at the Arrive Alive Campaign
  • Road users
  • Tourists
  • Students and scholars doing research projects on road safety.
  • Private business in a variety of industries including motoring, trauma and healthcare, legal and insurance companies
  • Victims of road accidents and their families

The above vision will be accomplished through a process of information collection from many institutional and private contributors, and the assignment of the relevant information to specific accessible and educational units.

Even though the focus is on road safety in South Africa it is our vision that the web site will also benefit visitors from other countries worldwide  - and especially other road safety initiatives and campaigns in Africa!

The developers accept that no one entity has all the knowledge and that knowledge can only be shared through the unselfish contributions from people with expertise in a wide variety of fields. The developers are dedicated to find the content required for the promotion of road safety and welcomes any recommendations and advice. Many other website developers have been and will be consulted and their efforts recognized. [See Personal Note]


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