Party Tips


FROM Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID)

Having a Party? Use our top ten party smart tips:

  1. Encourage your guests to leave their cars at home, promote the use of designated drivers
  2. Serve non-alcoholic beverages and have food available at all times
  3. Serve alcohol yourself instead of having an open bar
  4. Remember standard servings of beer wine and spirits all contain an equal amount of alcohol
  5. Stop serving alcohol long before the party stops
  6. Don't overserve!
  7. Plan activities that require little skill (don't snowmobile or ski)
  8. Have cash on hand for taxis
  9. Be prepared for guests to sleep over
  10. Drink sensibly yourself!

When you host a party you are responsible for your guests’ actions and behavior:

  • You are considered legally responsible when you host an event in your home or office, rented hall, golf course, or on municipal property – i.e. a park or community center.
  • You can be found liable even if you didn’t personally serve your guests alcohol.
  • This means you can be sued if your guest drives home after drinking and is involved in a crash or even falls down the stairs.
  • Protect yourself from a lawsuit and try the tips above to have a safer party.
  • You are considered legally responsible in some countries!

Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID)