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In South Africa many road crashes are the result of driver error, often caused by impaired driving. Our drivers are impaired not only by alcohol but also by a variety of drugs. Addiction to these substances has a devastating effect and threatens the safety of other road users, family members, friends and work colleagues.

These threats are not only on our roads but also at our places of work and in our homes.

It is important to be proactive and not wait till damage has been caused before measures are implemented to address and prevent these threats!

With this in mind we decided to approach NICRO and enquire how companies and individuals can gain assistance from the professionals to address these issues timeously and effectively.


How can NICRO assist Corporate South Africa to address addiction to drugs and alcohol?

With the expertise that NICRO has, the organisation has developed Information Workshops, Service Resource Directories, Individual therapy, Therapeutic groups (outpatient), Evaluating factors in workspace that can contribute to addiction that will be vital for any corporate of any size.

NICRO is open to running workshops as part of preventative measures to corporate staff as well as developing material that Corporate can use to assist struggling staff.


Which professionals are involved in this process and what would be their fields of expertise?

The organisation has employed individual with diverse skills, from Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers, Researchers  –  general social work, counselling, behaviour change methodologies, family work, research, advocacy and lobbying to implement workshops and programmes to assist various individual and corporate.


Is it important for NICRO to be seen as also making a contribution with regards to prevention and not merely rehabilitation?

We agree prevention is vital and would therefor provide preventative services such as educational workshops on the negative effects of alcohol abuse.


Is assistance rendered by NICRO on a person to person level only or is it possible to arrange for group counselling/ information sessions for staff in group sessions? Can you provide some info on what can be offered to a company?

Both – individual and group counselling / information sessions.  The following can be offered to a company: 

Social Work interventions such as  groupwork, individual work, drug testing and counselling of staff.  Workshops – subject matter such as stress management;  time management;  team building;  leadership development;  cultivating happy employees;  healthy life styles;  drug free lives;  parenting courses;  understanding your teenage child;  domestic violence;  sexual harassment;  restorative principles in the work environment, etc.  


Can NICRO be approached for assistance without an employee having gone to court or a judgement made against such a person?

YES! We will start with an assessment of the individual which will result in a treatment plan for the individual.



What is the required process to contact NICRO for assistance with a “Problem employee”?

Which aspects can be addressed?

Any aspect can be addressed from drug and alcohol related issues to theft in the workplace, absenteeism etc.

Who should contact NICRO and do a company approach a regional office?

Anyone can contact NICRO, from employee to the employer in a company.

It can be a regional office or a department within a company or direct management such as Human Resource Management, Line Management, and Production Management etc.

NICRO can be contacted at NICRO Head Office and the contact person will be:

Jeanne Rawlinson

Office: (021) 462 0017

Cell: 079 572 4842



Is there a prescribed fee payable and how would this be calculated?

The fees are determined by which programme will be most appropriate for the corporate, individual or group and the fee structure will be provided accordingly.

What is the time frame needed for treatment/ counselling?

This differs, once our social worker have conducted an assessment they will prescribe best possible programme or workshop for you, and this varies depending on your needs as well as the programme you are placed in.

Would there be monitoring/ assessment/ feedback after this time?

NICRO is well-known for its aftercare services, the organisation offers full report after your programme and inform you of the outcome, as well as how you can continue to work with the organisation to maximise positive results for a maximum positive results.


Which other aspects of the service offering by NICRO might the public not be aware of that you would deem important to share?

NICRO offers various Crime prevention and Reintegration programmes, as well as a special programme for Road Offences that can save you from receiving a Jail sentence.

For more info visit the website of NICRO at


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