Arrive Alive Interview on Ubuntu Radio

Arrive Alive Interview on Ubuntu Radio


Ubuntu Radio which is the product of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation requested an interview with a representative from Arrive Alive on the station’s breakfast show “SA Today.”

The aim of the interview is to discuss the issues around the school buses accidents that has been in the new recently/ accidents involving school children. We are interested in discussing measures  that could be taken to prevent such accidents, if any, as well as asking if school children are really safe in public transports. We would also look at the campaigns that Arrive Alive runs to promote safe awareness in the roads and how road safety can be promoted especially with regards to school children transports.

The interview scheduled as follows:

Date: 27 May 2015
Time: 08h15 (About 15 minutes)
Mode: Telephonic

Ubuntu Radio streams live on and on DStv audio channel 888.

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