Arrive Alive Online Report 2014

Arrive Alive Website Online Report for 2014

The Road Safety Reality of South Africa is that the vehicle population has increased to 11 million registered vehicles and the 2014-2015 Festive Season road deaths are at 1368 reported fatalities. There is a clear understanding in the traffic environment that road carnage cannot continue and that more needs to be done towards ensuring the safety of all road users!

This cannot be done merely by Government and traffic officials but will require cooperation with the private sector, NGO’s, community activists and private citizens. The Arrive Alive online initiative is only one such initiative, based on a passionate personal commitment towards road safety, striving to create more awareness and encourage a wide audience towards safer behaviour on our roads.



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An informed Road User is a Safer Road User

The development of the Arrive Alive website is focused on Education and Encouragement towards Road Safety.

The Arrive Alive website was an important portal to initiate discussion about road safety in 2014.

Through close cooperation and a committed effort to assist the printed and other media road safety information was shared across a variety of platforms.


Online Review of Arrive AliveAt the start of the year we need to reflect on our online road safety initiatives during 2014.

We believe that every road safety initiative should be analysed and scrutinised in the finest of detail. In the "Online" space there is no place to hide and all the tools are available to measure time and efforts spent and reach achieved with these initiatives.

We would like to share all this in a manner that is as transparent as we could possibly be.


This is done not only with the aim of providing feedback to our road safety partners, but also towards improving and defining strategies for 2015. The Arrive Alive website was launched on the 13th of March 2003 with the objective to provide the best possible information portal for Road Safety in South Africa. As new technology has become available, so have our efforts increased to use these technological advances in creating awareness of road safety and facilitating greater interaction between the public and road safety experts, groups and authorities.


The Arrive Alive Website and related Road Safety Initiatives Overview 2014 will provide a detailed overview of:



Road Safety has been an important topic in the news in 2014. Media included road crash reports as well as the responses to crashes, activities in enforcement and the addresses and messages from leaders in Government and the road safety environment. We shared a large number of these stories in the following categories:

Road Safety News Stories


The new "content pages" created and edited/refreshed on the Arrive Alive road safety website totaled 108 pages.
This includes some of the following titles:

  • Post-accident Medical claims and the RAF
  • The Matriculant and Safety on the Roads during the Holidays
  • How do I become a Driving Instructor?
  • Motorcycle Safety and Riding in Bad Weather
  • Rollover Crashes, Crash Reconstruction and Safer Driving
  • How do Seatbelts Save Lives?
  • Lighting and Safe Driving
  • Windscreen Wiper Blades, Roadworthiness and Safe Driving
  • Lane Splitting Advice and Guidelines for Bikers from the Experts
  • Healthy Eating, Driver Fitness and Safer Driving
  • Sharing the road with bikers – How do we avoid the rage?
  • Road Safety Tips for Easter 2014
  • Endurance Sports, Driver Fatigue and Road Safety
  • Buying a Vehicle, Vehicle Finance and Road Safety
  • NICRO and the Road Offences Panel Programme
  • Road Accident Benefi Scheme Bill, 2014, Regulations and Rules
  • Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs / NICRO and Professional Services to Corporates & Individuals
  • Imperial I-Pledge Campaign – Continuing to make Roads Safer!
  • Answering the Question: Who is to blame for the Crash?
  • Safe Transportation of Bitumen and Workplace Safety
  • Buying and Selling a Vehicle – Informed decisions and the Vehicle Retailer
  • Day in the life of an advanced life-support paramedic in KZN
  • Crime as a Threat to Road Safety in South Africa
  • Safety from Fire at our Homes
  • The Learner Motorcyclist – Do we Test effectively?
  • Motorbike/ Motorcycle Safety and the Young Rider
  • Equipment Used By Emergency Medical Services
  • Pedestrian safety from snakes and snake bites
  • N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) - Managing the N3 Toll Route from Heidelberg, Gauteng to Cedara, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Nutrition And Safety With Mushrooms
  • Drivers urged to avoid distracted driving along N3 Toll Route with #bootyourmobile awareness campaign
  • Road Accident Fund and Assistance to Road Crash Victims
  • Motorcycle Safety and the Motorcycle Skills Institute
  • Safety with Electricity and Preventing Electrocution & Fire
  • Safety with settlement funds after road crashes
  • Additional Headlamps and Fitment for Safety on the Roads
  • Alcohol Testing - A Health & Safety Measure which benefits all of us
  • Road Safety Tips 24/7
  • Presentation at Transport Forum
  • Motorcycle Safety and Picking up the Bike
  • Guronsan® C Drowsy Driver Quiz

New Content Pages Developed And Added During 2014


The best tool to analyse traff flw and visitor numbers is the technology offred through Google Analytics. We would like to share the website traff as measured by Google Analytics from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014

Arrive Alive Website Traffic And Road Safety Exposure Provided


To reach a much wider audience for road safety it is important to reach those who are active in the social media environment. Not only is it important to share sections of content and road safety links, but also to share info on the road safety initiatives by our road safety partners. The website is active on our own platforms on both Facebook and Twitter: As on the 1st of January 2014:

Social Media And Campaigns

We placed much more focus on the messages via the growing Twitter audience and signifiantly increased the following to beyond 41,000 followers. We would like to acknowledge the close cooperation with other media platforms as well as “purpose & cause driven” initiatives such as Crime Line and Lead SA The Twitter Analytics Tool provides a fascinating look at the reach attained during this past December:

We are also administrators on 2 larger platforms, allowing us to share news content and media releases with a much wider audience:

Proudly South Africa: Facebook Fans 56,857

Rugby15: Facebook Fans 69,179 Twitter Followers: 69,400

Some of our Social Media Campaigns

Some of our Social Media Campaigns


We have been privileged to use a wide range of platforms to create awareness. During 2014 this included:

Delivering a presentation on road safety at Transport Forum at Sasol
Attending several conferences & liaising with others in the road safety environment
Helping to facilitate events such as the Eskom Easter Vehicle safety campaign
Operating emergency rescue equipment at a road safety launch with Life Rosepark Hospital, Bloemfontein
Creating a new “Look and Feel” with the re-development of the Road Safety and Accident Blogs

Safety Talks And Public Engagement


It is important that we reach a far wider audience than those with access to the internet. The Arrive Alive online road safety initiatives are also aimed at journalists, reporters, researchers and teachers who are able to gather the road safety information
and distribute to a wider audience.

We would like to focus on some of these other media that distributed the road safety information from the Arrive Alive website and recognized this. We have assisted these platforms in providing info, answering requests for information etc.

Arrive Alive And Additional Media Exposure


To be not only an effctive information portal, but also a mechanism for greater public involvement, we have developed sections to enhance greater public interaction. An often overlooked, yet very important objective is to assist the public in gaining clarity on road safety matters and provide responses to queries raised via the Arrive Alive website, blogs and other platforms. It is also of extreme importance to assist private companies with advice and information to be used in their own on-site road safety campaigns, internal communications etc.

Herewith fid a detailed summary of how public interaction was facilitated during 2014:

“Contact Us” on

- Thousands of e-mails have been received via the “Contact Us” section

- these have been responded to and forwarded to the Department of Transport, Road Traff Management Corporation and various road safety experts for further comment.

These emails are kept in various email folders for later reference.

Enquiries& Ask the Experts

Questions are referred to experts in the filds of licensing, testing, enforcement, road freight, legislation, safe driving etc. and the answers are added to the website.

The requests that could benefi many other visitors as well are also shared on the Blogs in a “Did you know?” format. Reports on bad driving are also made via the Arrive Alive website to the National Traff Call Centre at the RTMC:


Emails received and responded to from the Arrive website:

- Arrive Alive email 2014 Folder: 9272 emails



It has become more important to cooperate and collaborate in other initiatives as well. In a tough fiancial environment where NGO’s and small business struggle it has become vital for the survival of this road safety initiative to develop new platforms and to assist others with expertise and consulting services.

The hours of hard work and dedication that goes into these effrts are most often not fully understood and appreciated, and we would like to provide an overview to summarize the effrt which has gone into these collaborations during 2014.


We also partner in the development of an online initiative to create awareness of safety in the mining industry. This was inspired by past cooperation with and assistance to mining companies in their own road safety campaigns.

It was our vision that the Arrive Alive website can make a signifiant contribution to not only safety on our roads -but also to the safety in the Mining Industry!

Today we can reflct on both hard work and many successes in this partnership.

Partnering With Miningsafety


Road Safety Blog at

From launch to 31 December 2014
Blog Posts Shared 4374
Posts Added in 2014 - 1197

Road Safety and Arrive Alive Blog at

From launch to 31 December 2014
Blog Posts Shared 2317
Posts Added in 2014 - 226

Accidents Blog at

From launch to 31 December 2014
Blog Posts Shared 2572
Posts Added in 2014 - 1135


GeselsVersekering at

From launch to 31 December 2014

Blog Posts Shared 453
Posts Added in 2014 - 102

Traff during 2014

28,502 Visits/ Sessions
25,402 Users
38,303 Pageviews

Car Insurance Blog at

From launch to 31 December 2014

Blog Posts Shared 1307
Posts Added in 2014 - 294

Traff during 2014

204,799 Visits/ Sessions
181,703 Users
265,443 Pageviews

Insurance Chat at

From launch to 31 December 2014

Blog Posts Shared 1187
Posts Added in 2014 - 355

Traff during 2014

165,827 Visits/ Sessions
146,527 Users
214,676 Pageviews



To create road safety awareness via the Arrive Alive website and other media we approached companies to partner in these effrts. From our side we provide exposure and recognition to these partners and their road safety involvement on the website and blogs. Our road safety partners as we enter 2015 are:

Arrive Alive:

Imperial –I-Pledge / Toyota South Africa/ OUTsurance / TomTom/ Ctrack / Mix
Telematics / PG Glass – Shatterprufe/ Standard Bank / Gabriel/ N3TC /AutoZone /
RoadCover/ Guronsan C / PSA/ Grandmark / InterCape

Insurance Blogs:

OUTsurance / MiWay/ Virseker

Mining Safety:

Ctrack /PSA / ALCO-Safe


We would also like to recognize individuals and groups that made important contributions:

Chillies and Nelio for allowing us to operate from the Chillies offis in Bloemfontein.

Charl Wilson and his successor De Wet De Jager as programmers

Pierre Steenkamp for graphics and multimedia

Internext for webhosting

All the experts – with a special word of appreciation to Howard Dembovsky, Clancinah Baloyi, David Frost, Alta Swanepoel, Corne van de Venter, Isaiah Mamabolo, Hein Jonker, Robert Mckenzie, Stan Bezuidenhout and Gavin Hoole for the numerous times they have assisted the public.

Individuals from the Department of Transport & RTMC who answered questions and provided feedback to the public.

Representatives from the Offi of the Minster of Transport & Provincial Departments of Transport who shared media for wider distribution.

Positive feedback & words of support from Eugene Watson & colleagues from the Road Accident Fund.

Journalists, reporters, media editors, webmasters and everyone who assisted in the wider distribution of road safety information from the Website and Blogs Family, friends and everyone who have been supportive to this cause!

Thank You


It is now 11 years since we started working on the Arrive Alive website – launched on the 13th of March 2003 .

The website is a personal commitment towards creating road safety awareness in memory of a mother who died in a road traff crash on the 3rd of December 1972.

Arrive Alive is a road safety strategy started by the Department of Transport in the late 1990’s.

The Website received a Letter of Endorsement from The Department of Transport in 2007.

The development team consists of 1 full time and 2 “part time” developers.

The Arrive Alive website and online initiatives are not funded by the Department of Transport or the Road Traff Management Corporation.

There is no marketing budget for these online road safety initiatives and it is funded through cooperation with the private sector.


We will continue to commit ourselves to these road safety effrts. There is so much more we can achieve with the participation of both corporate South Africa and individuals. We recognize that there are much expertise and knowledge to be gathered in strengthening these effrts.

We would like to invite others to become part of the road safety initiatives. This could include:

- Becoming an Arrive Alive Website partner

We will discuss with such partner how such partnering contribution can be used to develop new sections of content. The partner will be provided with exposure of such a partnership by way of:

  • Exposure to logos
  • Sections of Content
  • Horizontal and other banners/ graphics
  • Blog Posts and media exposure on the road safety initiatives and corporate social corporate responsibility initiatives of the Partner

- Advisor and Consulting Services

Every person can contribute to road safety irrespective of age, gender or fiancial status. We would like to invite the public to contribute by sending advice and recommendations on how to achieve greater road safety in South Africa. We welcome any suggestions on new content or additional means of creating awareness that should be pursued.

We would like to invite visitors to contact us with suggestions at

Adv Johan Jonck
Cell: +27 (82) 370 0991

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