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BHP Billiton and Road Safety

Public Private Partnerships are required to achieve greater road safety worldwide. Private companies can assist in achieving road safety by way of partnerships with local governments, sponsoring road safety initiatives and by way of their own internal road safety policies with regard to driver training, educational programmes, etc.

BHP Billiton has taken this commitment to social responsibility even further by way of the construction of a road in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Samancor Manganese, together with its government partners, launched the second and final phase of a road built between Hotazel and Kathu in the Northern Cape.  The tarred road replaces a treacherous stretch of dirt road, the condition of which caused the local citizens to prefer a much longer route via Kuruman.  This infrastructural development project was designed to improve road safety in the area as well as contribute to the economic upliftment of the local community.

Included among the many dignitaries who attended the function was the Premier of the Northern Cape, Ms Dipuo Peters, Northern Cape MEC for Department of Transport, Roads and Public Works, Mr Kagisho Molusi, Mr Peter Beaven, President, Samancor Manganese and Mr Bernard Katompa, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Samancor Manganese.


The Hotazel to Kathu road was built in response to the need of the local community to commute safely and easily between the mines around Hotazel and the residential area of Kathu.  The road is approximately 42 km long and halves the distance of the only alternative tarred route through the town of Kuruman.

Mr Katompa said during the ceremony that this project has brought to life some of the values of the Samancor Manganese parent company, BHP Billiton mainly safety and environment, integrity, high performance, win-win relationships, courage to lead change and respect for each other in the area.


“This project is one of very few infrastructure development projects where government and the private sector have combined resources to benefit both business and the community at large,” Northern Cape Premier, Ms Dipuo Peters.

“This road has joined the north and south of the Kalahari giving people more choices of where they want to live and work.  It is an excellent example of what good business and government partnerships can achieve,” Jeff Leader, General Manager, Hotazel Manganese Mines.

Caption for photograph: Pictured at the launch of the Mamatwan-Kathu Road Phase II project was Mr Peter Beaven, President: Samancor Manganese, Mr Jeff Leader, General Manager, Hotazel Manganese Mines, District Mayor Sarah Mereeotlhe, Kgalagadi District Municipality, Ms Dipuo Peters, Honourable Premier: Northern Cape,  Mr Kagisho Molusi, Honourable MEC, Department of Transport, Roads and Public Works and Mr Bernard Katompa, Vice President and CFO, Samancor Manganese


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