Firstgroup and Road Safety


Firstgroup offers vehicle accident and breakdown services, incident management, and a wide range of other assistance services. Utilising a highly specialised fleet of vehicles from light to heavy recovery vehicles as well as advanced medical response vehicles

We service clients including insurance companies, claims administrators, call centres, motor manufacturers and corporates

The Firstgroup comprises of the following brands: Firstroad, Firstassist, Firsthome, Firstmed (operated and managed by Emer-G-Med) & Firstcab. All of these brands are driven and managed at a central point of contact that controls a national network of quality service providers

Our multi disciplined contact centre handles over 70 000 inbound transactions per month and assists in excess of 18 000 clients. The 300 seater 24/7 Contact & Despatch Centre oversees our own fleet of over 750 specialised vehicles as well as a service provider fleet of over 5000 vehicles. These vehicles range from Tow & Recovery vehicles, Roadside Assistance Vehicles to Highly Advanced Medical Response Units



Assisting more than 80% of all Gauteng based Roadside Assistance calls, we operate a fleet of Roll Backs, Roadside Assistance Response Units, Pre Booked Cabs, as well as a fleet of Heavy Duty Recovery Vehicles

0860 911 111
121 10th Road, Kew, Johannesburg


Firstassist is a best practice Incident & Logistics Contact Centre. Established on 2002 as an accident management service provider, it has since expanded its offering to include the full complement of assistance products

Accident Management:

Our accident management services span the accident supply chain to reduce seepage and save insurers money. How? Via;

  • FNOL
  • Directed Towing
  • Service Provider Management
  • Logistics& Vehicle Distribution

What’s more, our dedicated release fee negotiations team mitigates against inefficient & costly undirected towing and storage scenarios

Roadside Assistance Services:

  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown Towing
  • Roadside Assistance (Jump starts, Fuel runs, Flat Tyre, Lockout)
  • Driver Assist
  • Scheduled Cab Services
  • Car Rental
  • Accommodation
  • Courtesy Transport

Lifestyle Services:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Home Assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Concierge Services

Other Professional Services:

  • Legal
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Tax & Financial Advice
  • Credit Assistance


Our dedicated Home Service solution, Firsthome, is a quality network composed of specialist contracted trades people. Firsthome provides emergency services such as;

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Locksmith
  • Glazier

Supported by our 24 hour Contact Centre, our incident management and expeditious appointment of contractors, assists in preventing further damage and inconvenience

0860 911 326
121 10th Road, Kew, Johannesburg


Firstmed is run and managed by Emer-G-Med, Emer-G-Med (Pty) Ltd is an Advanced Life Support pre-hospital emergency medical service which operates in the City of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane, Gauteng.

Emer-G-Med has invested extensively in resources and capabilities and in return demands a high standard of performance accountability.

Our core competence is contained in the delivery of world-class emergency medical assistance, coupled with extensive management expertise, thus mitigating risk on behalf of our clients.

The company is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest clinical standards in every facet of operations by continuously benchmarking Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures against current International Best Practice - ensuring sustainable professional development of all Emer-G-Med personnel.

Emer-G-Med ensures a competitive advantage through:

  • A strong track-record of practical experience in the provision of in-field emergency assistance solutions
  • A culture of performance measured initiatives to ensure a continued high standard of expert clinical care
  • The capacity to deliver on a comprehensive emergency medical service solution and the self-owned infrastructural capabilities to sustain these services
  • An owner managed organization
  • No ownership by any Hospital Group

Emergency Operations Centre

Our state of the art Emergency Operations Centre in Sandton, operates 24/7/365 with Integrated Call Taking and Dispatch platforms.

Live monitoring of vehicles and satellite tracking enable Emergency Dispatchers to identify the closest and most appropriate Emergency Resources and dispatch accordingly.

Road Operations

Investment in self-owned and managed road Ambulance resources is a means of controlling end-product service quality, optimum response performance and resource availability.

In providing Emergency Management Operations on par with international standards Emer-G-Med operates:

  • A fleet of 40 emergency vehicles
  • 11 Rapid Response Vehicles are crewed by Advanced Life Support Paramedics, ready for immediate dispatch to any acute trauma or medical emergency
  • 9 Accident Management Response Vehicles are crewed by Advanced and or Intermediate Life Support Practitioners, ready for immediate dispatch to any acute trauma or medical emergency
  • 3 Psychiatric Intervention Units in conjunction with Akeso Psychiatric Hospital Group
  • 2 Psychiatric Medical Shuttles in conjunction with Akeso Psychiatric Hospital Group
  • 13 Ambulances are equipped for the transportation of ill and injured members of the public or clients, crewed by Emergency Care Practitioners - trained to the appropriate level of care specific to the patient’s condition - at Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Life support levels
  • 2 Dedicated Intensive Care Ambulances
  • Satellite Tracking of all Emergency Vehicles
  • Full GPS Navigation fitted to all Emergency Vehicles

Event Management

Emer-G-Med’s Event Management Division, managed by qualified Emergency Medical Professionals, has the capacity to provide comprehensive Emergency and Medical Standby Support anywhere in South Africa.

This division coordinates and deploys medical resources for various gatherings ranging from sporting events to corporate and social events. Uncompromised quality control in ensuring absolute client satisfaction is always a priority in managing these events.

Customised Emergency Medical Solutions

Emer-G-Med has a Core focus on providing outsourced Emergency Medical Solutions to commercial clients with the ability to provide the full spectrum of EMS solutions from a single platform.

The provision of comprehensive Emergency Management Services is imperative to ensure timeous response to any emergency situation. This is achieved by establishing and assessing client specific requirements and designing customized solutions according to these requirements.

On-site Ambulances or Rapid Response Vehicles are staffed by highly skilled Medical Professionals, who are trained in site specific requirements. A dedicated management team ensures that the site resources are aligned to the client’s specific needs while also maintaining and developing our most valuable asset, our staff.

To provide a complete solution, a number of financial models are available ranging from the outright sale of equipment and vehicles to lease and rental options. Providing the client with a fixed monthly fee structure allows for simple budgeting and relieves the burden of employing "non-Core business” staff.

Excellence through service delivery and tight management control will place Emer-G-Med at the fore front of providing Customer Centric Emergency Medical Services.

0860 007 911
121 10th Road, Kew, Johannesburg

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