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Who designed Freddy?

Fred Naude, a graphic designer of the Arrive Alive web site.

Why was he designed?

The Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport and the development team of the arrive alive web site discussed how the younger generation can be more actively involved in road safety and how the internet can also play a meaningful role in creating awareness on road safety matters. The outcome of this meeting is that a character like Freddy can assist the younger Department in creating awareness amongst the youth why road safety is so important and how we can all help to be safer on the roads.

How would we identify Freddy?

Freddy is easily identifiable through his clothes with the colours of the National Arrive Alive road safety strategy. He will be highly visible and easy to spot - and will make an appearance in many forms via live appearances, on various places on the internet, road safety materials and brochures.

How would you characterize Freddy?

  • Friendly
  • Safety Conscious
  • Protective
  • Clever
  • Helping
  • Educative


What would Freddy be doing?

Freddy intends to assist the Department of Transport and road safety officials in creating awareness on road safety. This will be done directly and indirectly:
 - Directly: Through public appearances at Road Safety Events  - Interacting with children and giving them advice – by appearing at schools and places where the young people meet
- Indirectly: By providing information to children on the internet – in a special place for Freddy created on the Arrive Alive web site – also by appearing in publications, brochures etc on road safety materials

How will Freddy be accommodated on the internet?

A special Freddy / Kid’s section will be created for Freddy on the web site. This will have a formal and more informal section. The informal section will include interactive games, flash presentations, colour –in sections etc
The formal section is where Freddy will provide information about road safety and where children will be assisted in finding info for tasks and assignments on road safety

What does Freddy think about the internet?

Freddy is a strong believer that the internet is an important medium to use in the creation of awareness. He believes that this process is a long term process and that educating the children about road safety will not only save lives - but will make the next generations’ better motorists. He believes that he is not the only person who can achieve these goals and that he needs to work in close co-operation with the government and especially the Department of Public Works, Road and Transport and the Department of Communication.

Which aspects will Freddy Focus on?

Freddy is very knowledgeable about road safety  - and all aspects of road safety – Freddy is however very fond of children and will therefore focus on those aspects that will protect the children from road accidents  - and will as a result place a lot of emphasis on the following:
* Pedestrian safety
* Cycling safety
* School Bus / Passenger safety
* Avoiding drunk drivers
* Avoiding overloaded vehicles

Which age group would Freddy Focus on?

Freddy would like to assist the younger generation – the 3- 14 age group. He would not only like to help them on basic safety advice but also on finding advanced information they might need for tasks and assignments in school?

How does Freddy plan to achieve these goals?

Freddy has many friends that he will involve in this process – this includes the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport as well as the Department of Education. He will also call on his friends from the business world and will ask for their assistance in creating road safety awareness – Freddy will also not be shy to express his gratitude to these friends - to introduce them to the children and public and to give them exposure on his web site and brochures etc.

Why does he do this in the Free State ?

Freddy is not limited to borders – He is very proud that the Free State Department of Public works Roads and Transport has given him this opportunity to make a difference and also that the Arrive Alive web site on the internet was initiated in the Free State – he however plans to achieve his goals in all the provinces and via the internet even internationally! He will however be most actively involved and visible from now in the Free State and will travel elsewhere with his friends in other provinces…


Why does Freddy believe the internet is so important?

Freddy believes that usage of the internet will expand rapidly over the next few years. Government has expressed the objective to give online access to all schools and there is co-operation between government and business to enhance computer literacy amongst the youth. The internet can also provide an information portal / platform where parents or other media can collect the information and distribute knowledge on road safety.

Does Freddy know enough about road safety to assist the younger generation?

Freddy believes that nobody has all the knowledge - but if we work as a network with friends and others who are passionate about this country and road safety – we can gather all the information that is required…
Freddy will therefore equip himself with knowledge and information from his friends at the Department of Transport, the Department of Education, the CSIR, Accident Research institutes and others who might have ideas and recommendations.

Why the Free State Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport?

The Free State Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport have decided that the youth is of extreme importance - not only for the present but also for the future. At present approximately 40% of all road fatalities are pedestrians and many of these include young children. It is important to ensure that these children are made aware of road safety – and that each life lost on the roads, is one life too many!