Safety Precautions when working on your Vehicle

Safety Advice when Working on Your Vehicle 

  • Never trust a jack. Rather buy some sturdy stands and use them whenever you need to crawl underneath the car.
  • Remove the earth strap (almost always the negative pole) at the battery, to avoid accidentally activating the starter, starting a fire, or heating up your jewelry or watch, if you accidentally touch an open wire.
  • Make sure that all electrical components are switched off when you remove the strap, otherwise a spark may occur, which could cause the battery to explode.
  • Never leave tools on the battery, where they might short the terminals and create a spark.
  • Keep loose clothing and long hair away from moving parts.
  • Wear eye protection when your eyes are at risk, such as when you grind, or drill upside down.
  • Don't overfill the sump, or any other reservoir, because it may cause damage to the seals, or an even more serious malfunction.
  • Don't remove the radiator cap from a hot cooling system. If you really have to open up, use a cloth over the cap, and stand to one side, releasing it slowly.
  • Don't add cold water to a hot engine, because the subsequent distortion may cause damage. If you have no choice, pour the water in slowly while the engine is running.
  • Don't allow small children or animals near the car while working on it.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near your working space.
  • Don't try to extinguish a fuel or electrical fire with water; rather use sand.
  • Take care when carrying a battery, or working with one, because spilt acid will eat holes in your clothes and irritate your skin.
  • Don't run the engine for long in an enclosed space.

Petrol is unpredictable, especially in vapor form and, just because you've spilt fuel onto a hot pipe once and nothing happened, you cannot assume that it will be safe next time.

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