Scholar Patrol


The uniform worn by a scholar patrol may differ from province to province, but it is important to note that some form of uniform which will positively identify learners as being part of a scholar patrol is compulsory. This can be made up of full jackets (as worn by traffic officers), bibs (as presently worn by scholar patrols) or diagonal and horizontal bands and accompanying headgear and raincoats.

Jackets, caps, and rain coats.
Markings: There will have to be some identification as to the province or road safety component so as to ensure legality and credibility in the eyes of the general public. The various jackets for the captain leader and member should also have distinguishable markings applicable to their functions.


There is no problem in having sponsor logos as part of the uniform, as long as these do not detract from the image and purpose of the uniform itself.

Colour: This should be highly visible (eg day-glow, bright or luminous colours). It is important that all members of scholar patrol teams in the province wear the same colour and style of uniform. This will make the general public aware of who they are, what they do and where they can be expected.
Reflectivity: It is highly desirable that some part of the jacket is reflective, whether by strips, lettering or parts of the jacket being made from reflective materials.
Jackets: Totally reflective material is not necessary nor is it compulsory.
Headgear Whilst highly desirable, this is not compulsory. Caps (or hats) do make for better visibility for both motorists and pedestrians, and afford scholar patrol team members protection from rain and sun. Once again, sponsor logos are permissible (with due regard to image as stated above under markings)
Badges: These are determined by provinces in design, issue and differentiation.