Scholar Patrol

7.2 Captain

Each scholar patrol has a captain who is responsible for the overall operation of the team.

The captain’s duties are as follows:

  • reports directly to the principal or the supervising educator;
  • compiles the team correctly and sees to it that they act in accordance with regulations;
  • completes the register before every duty;
  • inspects the team prior to every duty to ensure that they are dressed according to regulations and that they have all the necessary equipment;
  • is responsible for ensuring that the teams place the pre-warning signs correctly (if applicable);

  • is responsible for reporting to the principal or the responsible educator should the road signs become unclear or damaged;
  • is responsible for seeing to it that the team stands either BEHIND the kerbstone or on the shoulder of the road, as indicated by the traffic authority;
  • sees to it that the leader and the team members do their work correctly and in accordance with regulations;
  • sees to it that the equipment is stored and maintained correctly;
  • maintains discipline at all times;
  • keeps a notebook to note down irregularities and reports these to the responsible educator after duty;
  • assists teams to control pedestrians where needed;
  • sees to it that the traffic flow is not unnecessarily impeded.


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