Scholar Patrol


  • A scholar patrol at a school consists of two teams, which relieve each other on an alternating schedule basis. This is done at the discretion of the responsible educator and can de done daily or weekly.
  • The members of the patrol are chosen and appointed by the responsible educator.
  • Before a learner can become a member of a scholar patrol, a letter of consent (SP2) must be completed by the relevant learners’ parent/guardian and this is kept at the school whilst a copy is sent to the traffic department.  These documents must be available for inspection by the traffic authority and the province at all times.
  • Scholar patrol team members must be at least eight (08) years old.
  • The type of scholar patrol crossing determines the composition, functioning and equipment of the team.
  • There must be one captain on duty for each team at every crossing.
  • All the members of the team on duty arrive at the school at a time fixed by the school principal / responsible educator and remain on duty until a time decided by the school principal / responsible educator.  In the afternoon they do duty again from before the final bell rings until necessary.  At the end of the day, educators must excuse scholar patrol members timeously to enable them to get dressed and be in position before the rest of the school is dismissed for the day. It is compulsory that members must be in Scholar Patrol gear when on duty.